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Posted by Posted on in EirBlog
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I have come here to alert, this is in a way a wake up call.



               Lets take a trip back to 1971, at that time I was a brand new 17 year old recruit, the most healthy of the healthy, strong and near perfect. That was soon to end, I was in danger less from bullets and bombs and more from a insidious stealthy pathogen, this pathogen was ripping its way through the deployed military.

 The pathogen (FOR ME) and many others from what I have seen,  shows its presents by saping your energy, afflicting your vison, afflicting the skin, dry patches, eczema, dermatitis, cherry angiomas, white spots or patches on the skin, ringing in the ears, floaters in the eye, blurry eyesight, rash like spots, sores that do not heal, itching, there are so many.

 THEN you may say, thats not me, think hard about that,  some will  SEEM perfectly normal, even if their mate is totally wasting away,  WOMEN seem to have the worst aspects of this malady. It is this one fact that brings up questions of it being transferable.

I want you to take a look at the issues of so called AGENT ORANGE SYNDROME, please open your eyes,


Imagine this, listen closely, this malady AGENT ORANGE is supposed to be, see the word SUPPOSED to be from a chemical, DIOXIN, here is where the idea of chemical affliction becomes very hard to believe, WHY, because it is a lie. At the onset of the issues coming forward in masses of veterens the government did everything they could  at first to denigh and discredit the veterens claims!!! They told the veterens that they were not sick.

NOT SICK, hmmm seems funny masses of the soldiers had come forward stating exactly the opposite, the government called it histeria and other things at first but found that the truth was going to come out sooner or later. The real problem was this, what to blame the BIOLOGICAL disease on, blame it on a chemical and contain the fear of exposure.

I do mean you can not send a million sick soldiers back home to infect the rest of the population, CAN YOU??? Of course you can, If you can't dazzel them with brillience, dazzel them with B/S.  This is just what they did, the disease is transferable, it can and is also transfered to the fetus during gestation.

I feel that this is the worst way to get the hidden stealthy systemic disease, as it can form along with organs, including the brain, instead of perfect human development you will have the disease entity forming its own material along with the normal human DNA.

Can I prove this to you, YES, I can prove it quite easily, you will have to be willing to buy somthing very inexpensive, if you have a lot of money you could go wild and spend a million, but if your just a poor working man or woman, a cheap craigs list MICROSCOPE will do. I bought a very nice MICROSCOPE on craigs list for $25, also on ebay there are many, but on ebay you can not test them so you may want to stay away from used ones as that could sour your resolve.

 A good NEW MICROSCOPE will cost you $150 to $250 on ebay, for that kind of money you can get one with a DIGITAL CAMERA, which is handy when you want to show the doctor that you have found exactly what I have told you what you will find. OMG are the doctors blind, YES,  they have no microscopes, microscopes are stupid, thermometers, weight scales, blood pressure cuffs are better, oh yes and EKG machines which put a big payment in their pocket.

If  you feel that your issues will go away and the good doctor of the magic land of prescription drugs has literally made you one happy camper, well, you would not be here, no you would not. YOUR SICK and getting nowhere, your children are ill, the doctor is not helping you. GET THE MICROSCOPE. The more of you that can see the remnants of the hidden issue in your blood, urine and excrement, the better, we can connect the dots, somthing government and big pharmacutical companys hope never happens.


Well not just any fiber, no sir, these fibers can be red, blue, purple, amber and even clear, but they will have a flat and spiral twist to them. 

If you want some history on UNKNOWN CAUSE fibrous disease, well lets just see, are any of these disease's prevelent or growing, are children being BORN with these adult disease's.

I can help with a little of this, yes I can, it is my job to let you know, you can poo poo me, you can go to your doctor and ask questions about what I have said and he will tell you absolutly not, all poppy cock, just go home and do not worry about it and sadly you will.

Here is some reading on fibrous connections,








This site here may actually give those of you with kidney problems hope, I am one.



There is so much more, I have video's of what I think is the culprit, then I do not really know, I am but a sick person with a eye for the microscope

Here is what I assume is the monster in action, you may see the words morgellons in action, well my friends, some call Morgellons a internet disease, (DOCTORS)  most will run to the computer and zap their way to the doctors site that says, anyone with itching is insane, LOL, how many disease have itching are they all insane.

There is a simple matter, all of the issues of these people afflicted with so called morgellons can be explained but because the internet and all the disease issues are bringing more and more people together they are (the powers that be) using a diagnosis of insanity to muddy the waters and deny any help to these people, people that have issues that are disfigering and horrible.

For many of these people ITCHING is part of their issues, and what will most people assume itching comes from, bugs, thats what, I have had the itching, it is horrible, it feels like needles under the skin, still I never saw any bugs. It is mostly women that assume they have been attacked by bugs, many do not have itching but they do have a laundry list of other attributes.

Here is a list of the Morgellons symptoms compare it to the AGENT ORANGE LIST  above remember now,  these are issues that will happen to some of the people some of the time, but look at the list, how many do you have, YOU SHOULD NOT BE SICK LIKE THIS, there is a reason for your cumulative symptoms. 

Imagine going to a doctor with severe itching under your skin and have some pompus idiot say to you that it is your imagination, your crazy, its a wonder the doctors are not being attacked, then that would further their idea that the ill are crazy.




 I bet that has done you alot of good so far hasn't it. LOL.  If your really really sick and in need of real attention. It seems common today that the good doctor has sent you to the head shrinker OR offered nutter pills to you, why, because he or she is lacking in all the skills it takes to be a REAL DOCTOR.  

OK, now here is where I need to mention to you, ONE (A), affliction can cause all kind of symptom disease, you can say, I DON'T HAVE THAT, right, the doctor told you what you have, then why have you got so many other issues are you a modern day hypocondriac, I don't imagine that, not for a minute. People want to live the good life but they can not when they have this hidden issue beating them to death, invading and destroying their organs. 

If you do get a microscope and you look for the fibers in every fluid of your body you can find the pictures all over the webb, these pictures of these exact same fibers, from many different sources are disputed by doctors to be carpet fibers, LOL, it has been a very long time since I ate my carpet doctor, imagine, doc, a world full of manic carpet munchers.

What a crime this coverup is. 

There is more but it seems my two typeing fingers are tired,  you can dispute me, but you can not dispute the fibers in your body.

Oh one last item, while your paying your doctor for all kind of stuff, just do yourself a favor and get a mycoplasma pneumonia test done.  You can read up on two thing just for fun,  


Hows your brain working, forget where you put the glasses you have sitting on your nose yet, LOL



WE ARE SICKDynamic Neural Retraining Program (DNRS)


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First, thank you from all the sick people, your doing good.

Grab a microscope, borrow one if you think I am off base. I can show you how to find more than you want to see. Even though our issues may be a little different, They are spaned because of the same pathogen.

I will show you somthing, when you see it you will know I am on the right trail. Its not like I am predicting your inclusion I kn
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  • Sam, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story and writing such a thought-provoking piece. The links alone will keep myself and other readers occupied for a while, not to mention comtemplating what you have said! Take care and thanks again.

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