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What's the fuss about LifeWave patches?

Posted by Posted on in EirBlog
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LifeWave Patches I'd like to tell you about my experiences with LifeWave patches. After initial skepticism I can report that I am quite frankly amazed and excited by them.

For those who don't know, a company called LifeWave Inc has been promoting a range of skin patches, much like nicotine patches, which they claim have various specific effects on the body. For instance, there are patches for increasing

energy, treating pain, and improving sleep quality. The difference between these patches and transdermal patches such as those that give a dose of nicotine, is that the LifeWave patches are "non-transdermal", meaning that nothing enters the body.

So how do they work you might be wondering? Well you certainly wouldn't be the first to wonder. According to the product details for the Silent Nights sleep patch on the LifeWave web site:

"Nothing enters the body. Silent Nights is a new organic nanotechnology patch that helps you to relax without drugs. Research indicates that Silent Nights helps the body's own natural meridians balance when the patch is applied to specific acupuncture points. This helps achieve a quiet, restful sleep and a great, energized day to follow."

So the patches work on the principals of acupuncture using nanoparticles to stimulate specific energy meridians? Not exactly clear is it? As far as I am aware nobody really knows exactly how acupuncture works (or doesn't) so how can a company manufacture a product such as a patch that works on the same system as acupuncture?

This perceived lack of clarity from the company about how LifeWave patches actually work has led to many being extremely skeptical about the claims made for them. Add to this the fact that LifeWave products are distributed using a multi-level marketing (MLM) system rather than through regular stores and what you have is a lot of very vocal detractors.

A quick web search on 'LifeWave' will reveal thousands of pages, half of which are sites promoting the patches, and the other half are "hoax" or "scam" sites warning people what a con they are. One of the most outspoken sites is World Wide Scam Network (WWSN).

At the other end of the spectrum there are a number of professional sportsmen and athletes who use the patches and heap glowing praise on them for the performance boosts they prroduce.

Like I said, I was initially very skeptical of the claims made by LifeWave. I like products I try to have an understandable scientific basis for their reported action. That being said, having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 16 years has taught be to be more open minded and not dismiss things without first having put them to the test. With this in mind I decided to purchase sample packs of the Silent Nights and Energy Enhancer patches.

To say I was surprised by the results is an understatement. Not only did the patches do what they were intended to do, but they did it better than anything else I'd tried. For example, I have had problems sleeping for many years and have tried most of the remedies out there, both pharmaceutical and natural. Although many of these have certainly helped me get off to sleep, none have actually improved the quality of my sleep, I have always woken still feeling tired. Not so with the Silent Nights LifeWave patch, after applying the patch to my temple I got off to sleep quickly and didn't wake until the morning. I awoke feeling the most rested I had felt for around 10 years! I have since bought full packs of the Silent Nights patches and the effect is always the same.

The same goes for the Energy Enhancer patches. After applying the patches I feel a surge of energy which lasts the entire time I wear them and for some time after.

The patches are a bit expensive but I would certainly recommend you try them and see for yourself. LifeWave patches really could make a big difference to your quality of life.


How To Purchase LifeWave Patches: You will need to go through an Independent LifeWave Distributor to purchase the patches. You can go through the EiR Distributor page here -  www.lifewave.com/ei-resource - and please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help and support.


Thank you to all those who have left comments about their experiences with LifeWave patches. It seems many people are seeing benefits.

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People in this conversation

  • scam buster - apologies, you were right on your first point. I have edited the original blog and inserted a link to the WWSN site so people can take a look for themselves. Yes, it is hard to keep up with controversies such as that surrounding Lifewave products when I am chronically ill and have an 8000 page website to maintain singlehandedly. FYI, I believe only 3 of those 8000 pages discuss Lifewave. Lifewave products are not my priority and I do not spend any time actively promoting them. If you read my previous response I advocated people perform due diligence before trying the products. Personally, I was only able to ascertain that Lifewave products were beneficial to me after having tried them. Your comparison with arsenic is a little wide of the mark since as far as I am aware there are no reported cases of the Lifewave patches causing fatal poisoning...the controversy is almost entirely over their proposed efficacy and mechanism of action.

    Joel - Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the value of placebo-controlled trials and would be very interested in hearing results of such trials using Lifewave patches so please feel free to email me any such data. I would suggest, however, that it would be important to incorporate qualitative data into trials on Lifewave patches. The simple test you propose leaves no room for potential cumulative effects produced when the patches are worn over longer periods of time. It is unlikely everyone will have an immediate reaction to the patches either way.

    I am willing to entertain the possibility my own experiences with the patches were purely placebo response but I have good reason to think otherwise. First of all I had no belief that the patches would be a miracle cure, in fact I genuinely believed they would have no effect at all. I was simply curious so gave them a trial. Second, the responses to each type of patch are different. Third, I have tried the patches again a number of times after long breaks and the initial response is the same and just as intense every time. Finally, I actually have a negative response overall to the Energy Enhancer patches - after a few days I become overstimulated - exactly as I do with other interventions with "energy enhancing" or stimulant properties. My response fits with the patch's proposed mechanism of action i.e. increasing beta-oxidation of fatty acids by increasing concentrations of carnitine (required for endogenous synthesis of the fatty acid mitochondrial membrane transporter).

    I would be willing to undergo your test myself to satisfy my own curiosity but I am currently embarking on an intensive lab testing and treatment protocol that is costing me a fortune so I do not want to cloud the results by using the patches at this time. As I said, I am very interested in seeing results from quality trials using Lifewave patches and am always willing to revise my opinion if I see good reason to do so. I therefore support your efforts. You may think you know that by declining your invitation I am "probably part of the Lifewave scam" or living in a fantasy world but this is purely speculation and assumption on your part. If you were fully aware of my personal circumstances and the amount of time and effort I have put into building this site for the benefit of others with very limited financial reward, you may have a different perspective.

    It was not my intention to get into a debate on this issue as I simply do not have the time with this entire site to run by myself. I am more of an editor and administrator these days. As I have said, Lifewave is not even close to being my priority so I will not be contributing to this discussion any further. I do believe in free speech so you are all of course welcome to comment further as you wish. All the best!

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Maff
  • Hi scam buster,

    I am a little puzzled by your "wrong again" comment as we don't appear to have discussed anything in the past!

    I obviously cannot comment on your assertion that the World Wide Scam site was shut down as a result of slanderous comments about Lifewave. What I will repeat is that I believe in having an open mind, assessing a product's potential value and safety...and then trying it for yourself. In my experience browsing scam and sceptic websites I get the impression the majority of authors and commenters have never actually tried the products they seem to spend enourmous amounts of time and energy attacking.

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Maff
  • Hello Shay, good to see you are having relief with the patches. Considering your celiac disease: you could use the patches to directly unblock meridians in the intestines. You would need Energy and YAge patches. I could explain to you where to patch. Take care

  • Hi Simon - a very good question. The information available in the LifeWave members area is scant. Most of the controlled trials on LifeWave patches that have been published have used the Energy Enhancer patches.

    This is the material Lifewave provide regarding the Silent Nights patches in their members area:

    "From June 13- July 1, 2005, a study of the LifeWave sleep patch called Silent Nights was performed at the Atlanta Sleep Center. The study involved subjects who were studied three nights, each one week apart. The first night was the control night, when the subjects wore no patches. The subjects were then given Silent Nights patches to wear every night on their right temple leading up to and during the two additional studies of the subjects. Nocturnal polysomnography (eight hours of comprehensive physiological data during sleep) was conducted. The parameters of a standard polysomnography evaluation are measurements of breathing, heart activity, oxygen levels by oximetry data and sleep state. The sleep study results carried out in Atlanta showed that the Silent Nights patch was effective in promoting sleep efficiency in all subjects."

    "On December 13, 2005, Dr. Dean Clark reported his conclusions of Infrared Imaging of the Silent Nights patch. This study was written up for publication. Initial studies of the Silent Nights Patch confirm the findings observed with the energy patches resulting in the nervous system response by localized cooling of a hyperthermic region. An initial Infrared Imaging scan was done prior to placement of a Silent Nights patch. The Silent Nights patch was then applied to the temple region. Another Infrared Imaging scan was repeated in five minutes, the results showed significant thermal changes to the localized region and systemic changes in temperature were also apparent."

    I'll let you make your own mind up about that. I am a big advocate of the scientific process but in the absence of sufficient high quality data I prefer to try things for myself than write them off - assuming safety has been addressed of course.

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Maff
  • I AM a lifewave member. I cant believe what these patches are doing for people. Very clever man who invented these patches.
    Anyone who is sick (including Autism, Crohns etc, etc) should give them a go. I have personally spoken to two women who are out of their wheelchairs after years of MS and FibroM - they have their lives back - and they are still using the YAGE (Carnisine and Glutathione) The Glutathione patch manages to increase our own antioxidant to 300% - so why wouldnt it work?? Especially together with the Carnisine.., search both of these on the net and you will be amazed what health problems occure
    with deficiencies of Carnisine & Gutathione. I have proved that these patches work - ALL of them. Want to lose weight - use them - they work. Do I want your business? NO

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Maff
  • In the spirit of being open and honest with visitors to The Environmental Illness Resource I felt it was only right to add here that I have now opened a distributor account with Lifewave.

    The reason I did this is mainly because I wish to use Lifewave products on a continuing basis and opening a distributor account (at a cost of $25) allows me to save approximately a third off every order making Lifewave patches much more affordable!

    Due to the way the Lifewave company operates anybody wishing to purchase any of the products is required to supply a distributor ID from the person/company who referred them. I have therefore added my distributor ID:- 659618 to pages on this site which discuss these products (or you can go directly to the EIR LifeWave homepage - [URL]www.lifewave.com/ei-resource[/URL])

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Maff
  • I have not read any "LifeWave playbook" and my comments were from my heart and 18 years of experience suffering from chronic illness. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E on my 12th birthday.

    Edhuk has clearly already made his mind up and I imagine nothing I say is likely to change that. For anybody out there with a more open mind who is willing to try something before passing judgement, I can only repeat that I too was initially skeptical but have been very impressed with how LifeWave patches made me feel. The only reason I don't use more of them on a more regular basis is that I can't afford to! (My only gripe with LifeWave) For those who have more money than I do I would recommend you give them a try.

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Maff
  • Or perhaps a genuine account of my personal experience with Lifewave patches?

    For the record I am NOT a member of the 'LifeWave team'. The only account I have with LifeWave is as a customer. In the case of people who DO join the sales team....is it so hard to believe that people would want to promote a product they have found helpful themselves? I have found that cultivating an open mind has opened up a host of opportunities that would otherwise have passed me by. My experience of life is much happier as a result. Perhaps this is something you should consider yourself.

    Comment last edited on about 9 years ago by Maff

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