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Workplace hygiene: Top 6 Office Germ Hotspots

Posted by Posted on in EirBlog
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How your workplace appears is how your employees, as well as other stakeholders, view your office space. This is why one should never forget to have the office cleaned.


Cleaning your workplace on a regular basis is a good sign of professionalism and care for the well-being of one’s employees. According to MaidSailors, leading Office Cleaning Service NYC provider, It is important to do this regularly so as to avoid germ and dirt build-up.


If you’re looking to have your office cleaned, then it is important that the dirtiest areas or spots are covered. Read on to find out which parts of the office are the most happening spots in town for germs everywhere.

1. Desk

One’s office desk is perhaps the most frequent place one sits at when they’re working. This is why it is no surprise that the desk should be the top of the list when it comes to cleaning services.


However, what may come as a surprise is exactly just how dirty your desk is. Studies have shown that our office desk can have 400 times more germs on it than a toilet seat. That’s such an astoundingly large amount of number.


There are multiple reasons that contribute to why, exactly, our desks are so dirty. One reason is that people keep a lot of dirt or trash on the desk instead of in the trash out of laziness.


Another reason is that the desk isn’t regularly wiped down or cleaned up. This, in turn, allows more germs to breed and live on our desks.


Next time, you think of leaving your trash on the desk, maybe think about how dirty your desk already is and think twice.

2. Coffee Pot

If you are one of the many working people who rely on coffee to wake up in the day, then be warned. There are multiple findings that have shown coffee pots and coffee machines in the office to be full of bacteria.


Studies have shown that there is significant bacterial diversity to be found in our coffee-bringing automatons. Although if you’re buying coffee from a nearby coffee shop, this may not be a concern for you. However, that practice can cost more money than drinking coffee from the office coffee pot.


Don’t worry too much though as the studies have also shown that the coffee you’re drinking is fine. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Do your part in office pantry etiquette and clean up the coffee pot once you’re done using it to avoid bacterial build up.

3. Fridge

The fridge can be a hotspot (or coldspot?) for bacteria as well. The refrigerator’s handle itself is a cause for concern given the fact that a lot of people have touched this part of the refrigerator frequently.


Aside from the refrigerator’s handle, there is also cause for concern when food that has passed its expiration date is kept in the refrigerator for too long. This is especially bad if the refrigerator isn’t working well.


Luckily, this can be prevented as long as we are mindful of what we put into our refrigerators. We should also be mindful of unspoken office pantry rules and throw out the food we know is expired as soon as possible.

4. Keyboard and mouse

One of the things that breed a lot of germs in the office is the keyboard and the mouse. Given the fact that we touch these often, it comes as no surprise that we bring germs all over these gadgets.


Our own keyboard and mouse can even be the cause of our sickness. How often do we wipe our face after having typed or used our mouse? Unknowingly, we may have put germs and bacteria all over our face without us knowing.

5. Mug

Office pantry etiquette dictates that one should remember to wash the cutleries and mugs and plates after their use. Although this rule is unspoken, it is common sense to adhere to these rules.


However, some people may forget and they may leave their coffee mug out in the open unwashed. This is how mugs can become the breeding ground for a lot of germs immediately.


Be a good coworker and clean up after yourself to prevent this from happening. Better yet, bring your own liquid containers so that you don’t have to use the mugs at work. This can save you from having to touch mugs that plenty of other people have used before.

6. Door handles

Door handles are filled with a multitude of germs. Notice how with the refrigerator or with the coffee pot, more often than not it is the handle that houses the most number of germs. Safe to say this is also the case for door handles.


A variety of people have used these door handles so all kinds of germs can breed there. When cleaning the office, it is best to remind cleaners to clean up the door handles as well.

Ways to Minimise the Spreading of Germs

Thankfully, the presence of germs and them entering your immune system can be easily prevented. There are many habits or things that one can do to prevent the spreading of germs everywhere.


One, practice washing your hands frequently. There is a reason people make infographics about this practice. It’s because our hands can get quite dirty, so practice hand washing frequently.


Second, vacuum and dust the office frequently. Air quality can also be compromised by germs so it is important that vacuuming and dusting are done on the regular.


Third, pay attention to your health. If you’re feeling under the weather, avoid sharing drink receptacles or shaking hands with people.


Fourth, have the office regularly cleaned. Letting professionals do their job and clean the office ensures a thorough clean. A clean office can foster a healthier environment.


Fifth, always stock up the office bathrooms with soap and tissue. Regularly check on the soap and tissue levels in the bathrooms so that employees have the means to clean themselves all the time.


Lastly, one should observe courtesy and mindfulness of how they move through their office. One should always remember to clean up after themselves and keep their desk neat and tidy. Don’t leave mess hanging around too long as well.


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