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How Cycling Can Make Your Brain Stronger and Boost Your Mood

Is there a key to a better mood and a stronger brain?  Many people are trying to discover a supplement, treatment, or training that will make them smarter and happier, but is that even possible? The truth is, there is no magic wand that can make your life better and easier. No matter how much we want instant solutions, working on our goals is the only effective way to achieve them. But what about people with various conditions and illnesses?

Struggling to live with environmental and invisible illnesses can be hard at times. Our conditions prevent us in many ways from doing the things we enjoy. Does that mean that we should stop having hobbies and jobs? Absolutely not. These illnesses shouldn't be an obstacle but serve as a motivation to achieve something greater.  

Pessimists say that the glass is half empty. Optimists say that the glass is half full, but the realists say that cycling can make your brain stronger and boost your mood. It's natural to be skeptical about the things you're unfamiliar with. Can something as simple as cycling help me boost my mood and improve my brainpower?

1. Feeds your brain

Even though there is food, such as walnuts, that actually feeds your brain and helps your mind grow, exercising is the brain fertilizer you didn’t know you needed. Even though there are various types of exercises, cycling is in the top 5 exercises that help your mind grow. How does it actually work?

All the time you spend spinning the pedals of your bike, capillary beds in your muscles and your grey matter are created. What does this mean? The more blood vessels you have in your glutes, quads, and brain, the more oxygen reaches those places, helping them work better.

As your age number keeps growing, this type of growing capillary beds becomes more and more important. With age, the connection between blood vessels weakens and our brains start to deteriorate. A similar thing happens in severe cases of depression and apathy where patients refuse or are unable to move their body and use their brain properly. By exercising, we increase the flow of oxygen and blood to every part of our body. That’s how exercising protects our organs and restores and keeps the vitality of the organism.

2. Improved concentration

Did you know that cycling can help your concentration? Many managers and teachers noticed that employees and children who bike to work or school tend to be able to concentrate better and achieve higher results than those who drove or took public transport. Besides that, those individuals had better stamina and a healthier sleeping schedule than the others.

Can everyone improve by cycling? Cycling is the low-intensity workout that doesn't put too much pressure on some of the most fragile parts of the human body. It's also great for those who are overcoming an injury, which means that everyone can hop on the bike.

 How does that affect concentration? Even though the link may seem unclear at first, biking is great for improving focus. You have to learn and follow the rules of traffic to ride your bike undisturbedly. This refines your problem-solving skills that will certainly come in handy in most daily life and work situations. In addition to that, every kind of outdoor cycling helps you build and improve your spatial intelligence. You need to know how to orient yourself in different locations and spaces.

3. Boost your mental activity

As exercising boosts oxygen in our brain and improves our concentration, does that mean if I cycle long and hard enough, I can become a genius? That’s hardly true. Doing something more and pressuring yourself is hardly better than moderate activity. In fact, intensive exercise can lead to temporarily negatively affect your information processing and memory.  

The curve that connects mental activity and exercising is reverse U shaped. Too little exercise doesn’t build enough capillary beds and isn’t enough for your brain to function properly. On the other hand, too much exercise can cause burnout and fatigue. It will spend all the resources from your body, leaving you nothing to function with, which means worse mental activity.

Does it have the same effect on mental health? The answer isn't that simple. Mental health is affected by numerous different factors. However, if you simplify the process and apply it only to cycling that statement can be true. The less you cycle the less, endorphins, feel-good hormones, are released. But if you cycle too much, your body and mind become so tired which can affect your mood and cause irritability and crankiness.

4. Brain connectivity

A human brain consists of grey and white matter. The effects of cycling on the grey matter are already clear, however, what happens to the white matter?

White matter is located mostly underneath the surface of the brain.  With other parts of the brain, the white matter is connected by a subway system. Unfortunately, with age and various mental diseases, those canals slowly deteriorate over time, causing mild to serious cognitive deficits. However, many people don’t know that they can slow down this process, keeping their brain healthier and functional for a longer time.

What is the secret? The secret lies withing practicing motor skills. Repeated movement such as pedaling or punching the boxing bag keeps the brain process running smoothly, improving the connectivity with white matter and other regions of the brain. Believe it or not, regularly riding the bike helps a better brain integration within the white matter in the brains of the mentally ill as well as in the "healthy" brains.

5. More cycling benefits to the brain

If you’re still not convinced that cycling strengthens your brain and increases brain activity and power, there is always more proof. By now it's pretty clear that physical activity isn't only good for your body, but for the brain as well. Is there a certain body product that is the key link between physical activity and brain wellbeing?

A BDNF, acronym for brain-derived neurotrophic factor, is a protein that may connect recreation and brain health. Even though this protein isn’t entirely examined, it’s known that it creates new neurons and maintains the existing ones. This means that BDFN enables clear thinking and information processes. Besides that, it also helps decrease the risk of neurocognitive deficit disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

How to establish the BDNF protein? It’s well known that exercising, which includes cycling, produces this protein. Only two months of regular cycling can improve anyone’s BDFN levels. That specifically includes people with environmental and invisible illnesses.

6. Social riding

Cycling provides a range of possibilities. You can make it a solo activity, or ride in a company with a partner, fitness buddy, family members, or friends. It's easily one of the most adaptable exercises there is. It can be an indoor or outdoor activity. You can ride at home or at the gym if you prefer a closed environment. On the other hand, you can enjoy the fresh air by road or mountain biking with various intensities. But what is the correlation between social biking and your mood and brainpower?

It's commonly known that people with various invisible illnesses and conditions tend to socially withdraw or isolate themselves in fear of not being accepted. What if you have no one to cycle with? Don't worry, certainly, there is a cycling club that will happily accept a new member on their adventures.

Yes, it can be hard to start and maintain the habit. However, quickly you'll notice the change. Every time you're surrounded by positive people that encourage each other, share good and bad experiences, and help each other grow in many fields, you'll feel happier and healthier.

7. Cycling is good for sleep

For people with environmental and invisible illnesses, it’s common to experience any type of insomnia during the night. It can happen because the symptoms or the anxiety kept you all night. Counting sheep or drinking warm tea isn't effective when it comes to falling or staying asleep. Is there anything you can do?

Riding a bike is a great and effective way to put you to bed. This doesn’t mean that you should cycle until you drop. Simple physical exercise during the day is enough to make you more tired and sleepy when the bedtimes arrive. This leads to better night's sleep which directly affects your overall health, mental wellbeing, and mood.

Biking only 20-30 minutes a day has a chance to increase your sleep at least one hour. In addition to that, it helps you fall asleep twice as fast. Cycling also stabilizes your circadian rhythm. This means that if you cycle at least 20 minutes every day, you can improve your sleeping pattern.

8. Emotional benefits

The stress of everyday life brings us a lot of unconstructive and unpleasant emotions that we don’t know how to deal with. Did you know that those strong negative feelings and emotions may be the cause of your illness? Surely, you’re tired of hearing that. However, no one has talked to you about dealing with those emotions and minimizing their effects on your daily life.

Cycling can help you there too. Combined with good therapy and psychotherapy, exercising gives amazing results when it comes to dealing with the blues. Even though exercising can’t completely prevent depression and other mental illnesses, it can help you relieve the symptoms. Additionally, if you learn how to correctly breathe while riding a bicycle, your performance will improve and your mind will become calmer.

Only 20 to 30-minute bike ride is enough to produce happy hormones. Once you reach 30 minutes, the feel-good hormones kick in causing you to feel the “biker’s high”. Besides, it’s a great activity for rewinding and transforming your anger and negativity into the cycling energy. The fresh air will clear your mind allowing you to take a more realistic perspective when solving the problems.

9. Stress relief

If you learn how to handle emotions by riding a bike, the same can be applied to everyday stress.  How can one even reduce stress? When you use the negative energy and tension that’s been building up during the day to pedal, you release the stress as well. What if I get bored with regular city biking?

To keep your mind busy and off the problems, consider long road cycling or exciting mountain biking. There is nothing more relaxing than a 1-hour ride in the countryside while the sun is shining and the warm wind is playing with your hair. However, to keep the stress at a minimum level, for longer and more comfortable rides, you will need to get a high-quality bike.

Contrary to popular belief, not all bikes are the same. Different bikes are used for different purposes, plus the price may differ from one store to another You don’t need to be a professional to recognize and buy a good bike. For example, Bikes Online sells a wide range of different, high-quality bikes for way less money than any store in the entire country. Besides that, you don’t need to bother going to the brick and mortar store; they deliver to your doorstep for free.

10. Reduces anxiety and depression

Even though negative emotions, stress, and anxiety all have an unpleasant component, they are far from being the same. Anxiety can be an illness or just a personality trait, however, if left untreated, it can cause serious harm especially to those who are already suffering from another environmental or invisible illness.

Running and cycling can reduce anxiety. As cycling is a low-intensity exercise that doesn't put pressure into your ankles and joints, it's a better solution for everyone. Cycling prevents anxiety from developing into panic attacks and disorder.

Many scientists claim that cycling is also one of the natural depression treatments. It keeps suffering people away from the TV where unrealistic standards are set for everyone. Those socially imposed standards may increase anxiety and depression if we can’t live up to them. That’s why cycling is good for your mental health and for transforming your body into a healthier form.


As you can see, cycling has many benefits for the body, mind, and mood. It’s important to be consistent id you decide to start cycling. Over time, great positive results will be visible. There is no better cure for the soul than cycling. Still don’t believe it? Why don’t you try it out and see for yourself?

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Medical emergency and it’s addressal

Most of us are aware of the dreaded financial, physical and mental issues that arise out of medical emergencies and the foresighted individuals do everything possible right from staying fit to booking medical insurance to stay one step of the game. Springwood's medical centre! Rest assured your medical emergencies will be addressed!

Medical emergency and it’s addressal

However, medical emergencies pop up when they are least expected and at that time you need a reliable and trusted medical center to guide you all the way right from emergency response, to ambulance service, to treatment and lastly follow-ups.

The most important feature that one hopes to find in any medical facility is the 24/7 availability. Medical emergencies don't book an appointment to emerge and when such sorts should crop up, then it's really important that a medical facility is open at all times and close by. Medicross has pre-planned its location to be mostly centrally located for easy access.

As with most medical centers, Medicross works an appointment/booking system. A standard appointment is generally sufficient to manage most medical problems. If you are making an appointment for an insurance or employee-related medical, Centrelink structures, procedure or complex/various issues, it would be ideal if you request a more drawn out arrangement. It would be ideal if you reserve a different appointment. Bookings are made for brief interims (depending upon the specialist). Appointments are held aside every day for same-day urgent cases or sick kids.

The majority of us have medical insurance. Medicross Springwood is a bulk billing/charging practice. All patients who present with a present Medicare Card or DVA Card will be bulk charged for qualified services. Patients without a legitimate Medicare card will be charged an expense at the hour of consultation. Patients are urged to avail free vaccinations made accessible by the Federal and State Governments.

Nobody Likes a long wait when you need medical assistance and Medicare ensures that all calls and appointments are addressed at the earliest. The doctors and staff have to be professional enough to be punctual however certain exceptions like emergency surgery etc are an off chance. Medicross Springwood utilizes the Telephone Interpreter Service 1300 131 450 when required. "over the telephone" service or with 48 hours notice an "on location" service is another outreach to patients who would prefer it.

Translators service is also provided through NABS, National Auslan Interpreter Service, for the hearing impaired patients, and there is also the facility for interpreters in case the patient prefers a different language.

Medicare not only provides medical services, but they also give you an opportunity to partner with them in case doctors are looking for an opportunity to collaborate. Medicross Medical Pty Ltd™ is an assistance organization to clinical and unified wellbeing experts. Complete essential social insurance and related administrations are offered in our system of clinical focuses with the attention on quality medication and incredible customer services. Offering the most elevated level of personal services regarding patients, supplemented with the highest caliber of expert medicinal services to augment the wellbeing results is a constant ongoing process.

Medicross is dedicated to giving proficient practice results while the Doctors can still manage their clinics. Most of the Doctors join Medicross by word of mouth references. Medicross allows taking up a practice that will suit you and also encourage you to work in joint ventures. Medicross invites and welcomes great quality General Practitioners to join them.

So if you need medical assistance or if you would like to partner then contact Medicross it's just a click away. One such center is Medicross medical, it powers other medical facilities and is regarded as one of the top Springwood and medical centers in Helensvale.  

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Support the Body - 11 Ways to enhance muscle development

Muscle development is a rather demanding task. In order to get your muscles in great condition, you'll have to work a lot. Hours of exercising and big changes in diet are just some of the things you'll have to do to get the results you want to achieve. Here is a list of ways in which you can enhance your muscle development.

Set clear goals

No matter what you want to achieve, setting clear goals should be the first step you’re taking. The same goes for enhancing your muscle development. When you know what you’re going for, it’s easier to make it happen. The best thing is that you’ll spend less time trying to achieve it and the results will be more than satisfying. Once you know the precise direction in which you want to go, you can focus on how to get there.

When it comes to enhancing muscle development, you can try and approach it differently. Namely, your goal should be to get stronger, instead of gaining pounds of muscle. This may not sound very logical, but it actually is. Once your strength is increased, your body’s ability to recruit muscle fibers improves. This means that the muscles that make a difference in your physique looks will be more improved immediately. Since the strength training makes the fiber more tangible and concrete, getting the muscles defined won’t be a problem. Once you seriously start getting stronger, you’re going to love your muscles’ response to this change. All you need to succeed are clear goals, strong will, and a bit of patience.

Increase your training volume

In order to grow muscles more effectively, you are supposed to increase your training volume. If you aren't familiar with this term, now is the best time to learn it. The term training volume refers to the number of reps multiplied by the number of sets. This is the number one feature that you should pay attention to when it comes to hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is term used for growing muscle.

The best way to grow muscle efficiently is to go lower in weight. You might have to go even lower than you think. Since training during hypertrophy makes the intensity drop to somewhere between 50 and 75 percent, the maximum weight will be much lower. If you want to get the volume your muscles need to grow, you should consider performing each of your lifts for three to six sets. The sets should be about 10 to 20 reps. This way, you'll develop your muscles much faster than usual.

Work each muscle 2-3 times per week

If you want the best results possible, you should do everything right. When it comes to bodybuilding programs and muscle growth, there is one problem. The problem is the way in which the programs are planned. Namely, they are split up in such a way that they hit each individual body part once a week. What this means is that there must always be a long period between workouts for a particular muscle group. For instance, you could switch from lifting weight three times a week to full-body workouts. This way, you’ll do the entire body in each session.

The important change that this will bring into your routine is that you’ll work on each muscle three times a week and, naturally, the results will be much better. You could perform three sets per muscle group. If you’re training more times a week, you can always adapt the sets to your routine and make the most of your training. In order to achieve strength even more rapidly, you can increase the frequency with which you’re working the muscles. Once you start getting stronger, you’ll start growing muscles more rapidly too. The main thing you shouldn’t forget is to keep the volume low and you’ll have no trouble while enhancing your muscle development.

Pay attention to the eccentric phase

Lifting weights consist of a concentric and eccentric phase. The concentric phase is the hard one, while the eccentric phase is the easy one. An instance of the eccentric phase would be lowering into a squat. On the other hand, the concentric action would be returning to standing. What may come as a surprise is that the eccentric phase is actually more important when it comes to muscle development. Since the eccentric work is the one that triggers hypertrophy, you should definitely focus more on this part of your training.

There are two things you could do to increase the amount of eccentric action during your workout. The first one would be to slow down the eccentric phase of all of the exercises you're performing. The second one would be to integrate some eccentric-only variations into your usual workout routine. While the first solution is rather simple, you may be clueless when it comes to doing the second one. If you have no ideas about how to do so, don't worry. The simplest thing you could do is change the way you do the squats. If you want to make squats eccentric-only, the only thing you should do is lower to the floor and that's it. The exercise should just end there. The one thing you shouldn’t forget is that you should increase the weight you’re using substantially.

Decrease the rest intervals

Of course, you have to have between-set rest intervals. The only problem when it comes to these rest intervals is their length. Namely, the length of the between-set rest intervals plays a great role in muscle development. Professionals say that it would be best to make rest periods last about 30 seconds.

These rest periods actually encourage a release in muscle-building hormones, which is exactly the purpose of your training. The best thing is that you don’t only develop muscles during exercising, but you keep doing that even during rest intervals! What makes these rest intervals ideals is the fact they allow your muscles to really burn. When you fatigue the muscles, you are actually increasing your chances of hypertrophy.

Do some cardiovascular exercise

If you want good results, be ready to do some high-intensity training. The point of this is to achieve more in less time. What high-intensity exercise manages to do effectively is free fat from storage and get it into the bloodstream. Once the fat is in the bloodstream, it can be perfectly used as an energy source. This is precisely the importance of cardiovascular exercise.

You can perform the cardio after your strength training. This will be even more beneficial for the good results you are striving to get. When doing cardio, you should have longer rest intervals than the sets. For instance, you could work as hard as possible for 30 seconds, and then you should rest for 90 seconds. If you repeat this a couple of times, the results will be perfect. You will get pretty tired, but it will all pay off. The reason your rest intervals are supposed to be longer three times than the sets is pretty logical. You’ll need to collect strength and energy to keep up the good work.

Eat more supplements

Supplements are very important in the process of muscle development. That doesn't come as such a surprise since all of the hard training breaks down your muscles. Of course, you'll need something to build them back up. This exactly is the reason why protein is important. Protein is the kind of muscle-building foods that will be your best friend during the whole process of hypertrophy. Another important supplement is creatine. Creatine doesn't directly grow the muscle, but it does boost your performance, especially during lifting workouts of higher intensity. Even though creatine doesn't directly influence the muscle to grow, the result is still the same.

Another supplement worth mentioning is definitely glutamine powder. Glutamine, being an amino acid, serves as a building block for proteins. The reason why glutamine is so important for your muscle development is its role in the immune system. Hard training can often exhaust you and the main thing is to retain a good immune system during the process. Glutamine is exactly what fuels your blood cells and improves your immune system. What glutamine also does successfully is decrease muscle soreness and improves recovery after the intense exercise. Finally, glutamine with some carbohydrates will make your cardio much more bearable since it reduces blood marker of fatigue.

Work on your diet

Exercise isn't the only thing you'll need in order to grow muscle. Another very important part of the journey is your healthy diet. What you, eat, how much you eat, and how often you eat are all important things you should pay attention to when building muscle. Since diet is an essential part of your hypertrophy, you should do your best to remain disciplined and consistent. Your eating habits will need to be adjusted to your training. If not, you’re going to need a lot more time and nerves to get the results you want.

The first rule, when it comes to your new diet, would be to avoid all fried, processed, and refined foods. These won't do any good for you. Instead, you should consume more foods that provide lean protein, clean carbs, and healthy fats. Foods such as beef, pork, chicken, tuna, salmon, and sardines will help you a lot while growing muscle. Not only that, eggs, cheese, yogurt are also important if you want to build muscle in the right way. Vegan options such as lentils, tofu, nuts, and seeds can also have very positive effects on your muscle development. Don't forget to include many fruits and vegetables into your diet to provide your body with enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Finally, you should drink water to prevent dehydration and improve your muscle recovery.

Focus on Calorie Surpluses

If you've spent a lot of time counting calories to lose weight, you'll need some time to adjust to this step, but it will pay off in the end. Calories are the most effective way to build mass, and that's exactly what you need for your muscles. To make the process more efficient, you’ll have to eat more carbs daily than you burn. This is important because the body, once it detects calorie deficit, tends to make muscle building a bit more difficult.

To make sure that you’re doing everything right, you should eat 250 to 500 extra calories per day. Protein is great for this and it will help you build muscle rapidly. If you develop a high-calorie diet, which is also rich in protein, you’ll be able to store up to half of that amount as muscle. Because of that, it's important to integrate high-calorie foods into your diet. Healthy fats are also important because they improve fat loss and health. This happens due to their slow digestion.

Develop a healthy eating schedule

When it comes to your diet, it does not just important what kind of food you're eating. What's also important is the eating schedule that you have. Since the most important thing you should do is being disciplined, planning your meals isn't a bad thing. The first thing you should is, start eating every three hours. You should eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner as usual, but you should have other meals too. You’ll have to eat after your workouts before you go to sleep, and you should also have some snacks during the day.

If you start eating more often, you won’t feel as hungry and you’ll have fewer cravings. Having more smaller meals than just three big ones will significantly decrease your stomach size. On the other hand, not eating for two long can cause you to over-eat which will have many negative impacts on your muscle development. Even though all of the meals are important, breakfast is by far the most important one. Breakfast is a source of energy that you will definitely need to build muscle. Omelets, smoothies, and cottage cheese are just some of the meals that will help you start your day in the right way. The meal after the workout is also particularly important and you should dedicate it to carbs.

Get enough sleep

Finally, a particularly interesting tip is to get enough sleep. It’s so interesting because it’s not connected to the muscle development directly, in a way that exercise and diet are. Nevertheless, sleep is also important if you want to develop your muscle mass. Since you get to work your muscles during the day, they will need to recover over the night. 

About eight or nine hours per night is the time your muscles need to recover. Not only because of that, but sleeping is also important because your body releases the growth hormone during that particular activity. This means that your muscles grow more over the night. What's more, it is believed that the lack of sleep for a week can cut muscle-building testosterone levels. This means that you may be doing everything perfectly, but if you’re not getting enough sleep, you won’t get the results you want as rapidly as you usually would. 


Even though muscle development takes time and energy, it does pay off. If you have a strong will and if you are disciplined, you’ll be able to get the perfect results pretty rapidly. Don’t wait and start your muscle enhancing journey now! You’ll be more than happy once you start noticing the results!

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Explore Some Expert Tips for Avoiding Joint Replacement Surgery

There is a rising demand for complete hip arthroplasties and it has been estimated to go up by 174% to approximately 572,000 procedures. Moreover, we can see a phenomenal boost in the demand for complete knee arthroplasties that is projected to go up 673% to approximately 3.48 million procedures. We can see that there has been a dramatic leap in the total number of joint replacements and associated surgical procedures. 

As per https://topairsystems.com/ Medical practitioners must focus on reminding their patients to stay active for keeping their joints healthy and in good working condition. You must understand that pain is the main reason why people are getting motivated to opt for effective joint replacement surgery. Doctors are constantly trying their best to eliminate the need to opt for knee replacement surgery.

Risk of Infection Is Very High in Joint Replacement Surgery

We understand that more than 16 million surgical procedures take place every year in the U.S.A. Prevalence studies demonstrate the fact that SSIs or surgical site infections seem to be a very common HAI or healthcare-associated infection. As per estimates, over 157,000 SSIs take place annually. Remember surgical site infections would be prolonging hospitalization and they are responsible for 13,000 casualties annually and could be costing as much as $29,000 for every infection as per CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As per https://www.tandfonline.com, post-operative infection risks are present in practically all surgical procedures. It could be quite serious in specific surgeries like a joint replacement. Multiple factors would be triggering the risk including surgical field, patient factors, HVAC factors, and the room, etc. 

Pathogens could be contaminating the surgical field in several ways culminating in an SSI. We know that laminar air flow could optimize the OR’s quality of air. Airflow control seems to be an effective way of decreasing the number and incidence of potential pathogens. 

Tips to Avoid Surgery for Joint Replacement

Maintain Proper Body Weight

Additional body weight would mean excessive stress on your joints. This could lead to frequent cartilage breakdowns. Hence, you must focus on staying physically fit and active and maintaining a healthy body weight to avoid surgical intervention or joint replacement surgery. Motivating patients to lose only 5% of their current body weight could prove to be effective in relieving excess joint stress and pressure.

Indulge in Regular Exercise 

Doctors are constantly reminding patients that restricting physical activity could make their joint issues even worse. Inactivity could result in cartilage loss and trigger bone-to-bone friction or contact and that could be very painful. Exercise regularly so that cartilage could get the necessary nutrients for lubricating and loosening the joint. Consider performing low-impact activities and aerobic exercises at least, thrice every week for achieving optimal joint health.

Administer Joint Injections

 Injections with hyaluronic acid or cortisone are effective non-surgical treatment options that could help in the reduction of knee pain. You could consider regenerative medicine therapy like platelet-rich plasma treatment to yield more cartilage. Moreover, cortisone injections have demonstrated their efficacy in alleviating hip pain. In this context, you must remember that these injections need to be done under fluoroscopy.


The use of effective supplements and medications could have a beneficial impact on osteoarthritis. You could use opioid analgesics for managing severe pain if there is no response to other treatments. 

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