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5 CoQ10 Benefits That Will Dramatically Improve Your Health

Coenzyme Q10 was only discovered about sixty years ago, but it took another twenty or so years for scientist to learn what a valuable nutrient it is and how it actually works. This is a compound produced in our bodies, which encourages the conversion of food into energy. This makes it very important for maintaining high enough energy levels. However, as we age, the body’s natural production of CoQ10 drops, which can consequently lead to energy decrease as well. However, through proper diet and with the help of CoQ10 supplements, this problem can be solved to an extent. This is very fortunate for us, since CoQ10 has many benefits on our health. We’ve put together five of the most important ones for you. Take a look.

It’s got anti-inflammatory properties

In some cases, inflammation is a good thing. It’s a process our body uses to defend itself from infection caused by viruses and bacteria. However, there are those other cases, when our immune system gets confused and triggers the inflammatory reaction when there are no foreign organisms to protect the body from. This leads to autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, which cause the immune system to damage the body’s own tissue. Also, unnecessary inflammation can cause some types of arthritis. In these cases, CoQ10 can be helpful, as it may reduce inflammation in your body. Whether the inflammation is caused by unhealthy food, lack of sleep or other habits bad for your health, you should increase the intake of foods containing CoQ10 to help fight it off.

It can help with gum disease

Gum disease is either inflammation or a bacterial infection of the gums around your teeth. It’s usually caused by inadequate oral hygiene, but also bad eating habits or smoking. Gum disease can cause great discomfort, since its symptoms include bad breath and swollen gums which often bleed. Fortunately, one of the benefits of coenzyme Q10 is that, when applied topically, it can help with gingivitis, and more precisely the bleeding of your gums. This is especially important when you consider the bad affects that gum disease can have on your entire organism if you don’t treat it properly and on time. 

It can lower the risk of heart disease

Another amazing benefit of CoQ10 is that it can prevent or lower the risk of heart disease, and even help people with heart failure somewhat recover. In fact, there was a study which involved people with heart failure. About a half of them received CoQ10, while the other half received a placebo instead. Among those patients who were given CoQ10, there were fewer people who had to be hospitalized and, on average, their overall health was better than of those who received the placebo. This can be valuable information for everybody, especially the elderly, since they are at a higher risk of heart disease. This is why, if they don’t get enough of it from their diet, they should get a powerful coenzyme Q10 supplement to improve their cardiovascular health.

It can enhance brain performance

The decrease in CoQ10 levels has been linked to various health problems, including such conditions as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This is probably due to the fact that this valuable coenzyme helps improve mitochondrial function. Mitochondria serve as energy generators for the brain on the cellular level, and its function becomes lower as we age. By increasing out CoQ10 intake, mitochondrial dysfunction can be prevented and that way slow down the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This is why, with age, you should start eating more beef, especially the liver, but also chicken, sardines, broccoli and peanuts, all of which are natural food sources of coenzyme Q10.

It could ease headaches

When your brain cells don’t get enough energy, you can end up with headaches. And since this lack of energy is often caused by irregular mitochondrial function, which causes cells to uptake more calcium and lead to extended free radical production, CoQ10 might be of assistance. These headaches or even migraines can be either prevented, or treated if you boost your intake of coenzyme Q10, since it can help regulate mitochondrial function, as well as control the inflammation which sometimes accompanies migraines. When your body gets enough of CoQ10, either from your food, or from supplements, you’re less likely to suffer from migraines, and if you do get one, it will probably be less severe. 

With all these incredible benefits that coenzyme Q10 can have on your wellbeing, there’s no reason not to take more of it. Start with introducing the CoQ10-rich foods into your diet, but if you don’t think that will be enough, consider taking some supplements, too. Whichever way you choose, CoQ10 is bound to improve your overall health.

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