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How to Treat Muscle Tension Instantly?

Muscle tension can be caused due to several reasons. Excessive workout at the gym, too much use of muscles and not to forget stress, are some of the primary triggers behind muscle tension. Muscle tension is a medical condition when your body muscles contract and do not release to return to the normal condition. This situation can be a cause for concern. 

Overuse of muscles is one major factor behind it. I have seen many individual’s workout without any sense of moderation. Excess workout does not always result in a healthy body. Also, stress levels nowadays result in tensed muscles. Emotional support dogs can be extremely beneficial in reducing the anxiety levels, decreasing chances of your muscles getting tensed.

At times, you might feel the need to see your doctor to get the tensed muscles treated. But in most cases, some remedies done at home can be extremely useful, with miraculous results. Some of these remedies are as follows:

Make use of a heating pad

Adequate use of a heating pad can prove to give you instant relief. Always keep a heating pad or hot water bottle handy in a place that is easy to reach. The former option is more convenient and preferable these days. Use the heating pad at the area where your muscles are tense, for a few minutes. This can give you immediate relaxation. 

Get a warm oil massage

Another great option is a good, warm oil massage. Use a good oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or mustard seed oil. Oil works best when used at a warm temperature that your skin can bear easily. 

Get a good massage at home or at a spa for at least 20 minutes. Focus on your pressure points and the area with the stiff muscles. Try meditating and thinking positively while getting your massage so that you get maximum benefits of that soothing massage.

Indulge in a hot bath

If nothing else works, hit the showers! Soak yourself in a hot bath or take a hot shower to de-stress your body. The hot water will ease the tension in your muscles. Take a bath for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Do not rush yourself as the purpose is to relax the body and reduce tension and stiffness in the body. 

Get adequate sleep

How to Treat Muscle Tension Instantly?

One major cure for stiff and tensed muscles is sleep. Make sure your body gets adequate amounts of sleep. Try to get some shut-eye for at least 8 to 9 hours daily. Also, try to get to bed early by 9 o’ clock. This can help minimize stress in the body and relax those stiffened muscles. 

Avoid stress-inducing factors

A logical solution to eliminate chances of tensed muscles is to avoid stress. Make a list of all stress triggers around you. Check what factors around you increase your stress levels. Is it a project you are working on? It could be an annoying colleague or an unpleasant neighbor. Try to eliminate these issues or resolve them. Simply try to avoid them if nothing else works. 

Refrain from rigorous exercise

Ensure that you do not get involved in any strenuous physical activities or rigorous exercise. Any physically demanding task can aggravate the tension in your muscles. Try to be moderate with your gym sessions. Do not be too ambitious with your fitness goals and be reasonably honest with your body fitness requirements.

Practice yoga

A globally accepted and popular way of meditating and relaxing those stiff muscles is yoga. Our day to day activities can worsen our health and muscle condition. Yoga can help us cope with that. Find a secluded area in your home and dedicate at least 20 minutes to yoga. It helps gain peace, mobility and flexibility without straining the body too much. 

Go for tai chi

Tai chi is yet another popular option to treat your tensed muscles. It is an ancient Chinese form of martial art known for its healing benefits for the body, especially stiff muscles. You can use tai chi to relax your stiff neck and shoulder muscles almost instantly. It involves mild forms of exercise plus some stretches and body movements that have a meditative effect on the human body.

Consult your doctor 

In case the afore-mentioned methods do not work for you, consider taking medical help to treat those tensed muscles. Go to a certified medical practitioner to get yourself examined. Your doctor might prescribe you some medicines for relaxation. Or, in some cases, doctors suggest some physiotherapy as a treatment to be done twice a month or so. In some extreme cases, your doctor might suggest surgery as well.

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5 Massage Therapies That Can Improve Your Mental Wellness

Most people don’t give massages enough credit. Beauty, pampering and relaxation are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits of massages. They can also be great allies when it comes to improving your mental health. Furthermore, it’s important to know that not all massages are the same and that there are different massage treatments to address any health issues you may have, whether they’re physical or mental. So, if you’re looking for something to help you gain balance and maintain your mental health, here are some massage treatment suggestions you could try.

Aromatherapy massage

Essential oils are compounds which are extracted from various types of plants, often through distillation or cold pressing. On their own, these oils can affect the part of your brain called the limbic system, which has an important role in your behavior and emotions, but also long-term memory. By rubbing them on your skin or inhaling them, essential oils can relax you, energize you or reduce your stress. When you combine this with a massage, your mental wellbeing can receive just the help it needs for you to function normally and feel satisfied with yourself and deal better with any circumstances that can put you under stress. The choice of essential oil is important, since each of them has a specific health claim linked to them. For instance, chamomile can relax you and boost your mood, jasmine can assist when battling depression, while lavender is famous for stress relief. 

Thai massage

This type of massage aims to align your body’s energies, which is accomplished by pressuring specific points on your body in a gentle manner. Other than this, it can also involve some stretches and compressions, as well as rocking your body. This basically means that you don’t simply lie in the same position while your therapist works on you, but they rather stretch you and guide your body into a series of postures, similar to yoga. You can even say that Thai massage combines acupressure, yoga postures and some principles of Ayurveda. It can energize you more than any other type of massage, while also lowering your stress levels and enhancing your flexibility. During the therapy, which can last up to two hours, you remain clothed and in constant physical contact with the therapist, and no oils are used to massage you. 

Swedish massage therapy

When people talk about getting a massage, they usually talk about Swedish massage therapy. It is known to be very relaxing for your whole body, and this is achieved through long and smooth strokes, circular movements and rubbing your upper muscle layers. It uses either oil or massage lotions to keep these strokes as pleasant for you as possible. It’s a gentle massage meant to increase the oxygen levels in your blood and improve your circulation, all the while lowering tension. It may decrease the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone in your body and keep you calm and lax. Your mental health can only benefit from it, so if you’ve never had a massage before, perhaps booking an effective professional massage is a wise place for you to start.


This is a Japanese form of massage therapy, which relies on putting pressure on precise acupuncture spots on your body rhythmically. Each of these spots is held for a period of two to eight seconds, in order to enhance the energy flow and restore body’s natural balance. And even though Shiatsu translates from Japanese as “finger pressure”, Shiatsu therapists are also known to use their palms, elbows and even feet and knees when applying pressure. Other than providing you with a very enjoyable experience, this type of massage therapy is great for your overall well-being, including your emotional and psychological health, helping you combat depression and anxiety. 

Hot stone massage

This type of massage therapy uses heated stones, smooth and flat, which are carefully placed on different points of your body. The aim is to warm and relax your tense muscles and put your body’s energy centers in balance. The stones are usually made of basalt. This is a volcanic rock which can preserve heat, which is important, since these stones are usually warmed up to about 60°C and this warmth is meant to be comforting. They can be placed along your spine, over your stomach and chest, or on your face, palms or feet and toes. Aside from improving the state of your immune system and relieving you of pain and tension, hot stone massage can also reduce your stress and anxiety and improve your sleep.

If you’re searching for new ways to improve your mental well-being, you should turn to one of these massage therapies and let them help you stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

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