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What Gluten Does To Your Body: Check Out Gluten-Free Food

Gluten is harmful to our body, especially under certain health conditions. Therefore, if you prefer to eat gluten-free food, always read the labels on food boxes for the presence of these ingredients

The discussion about gluten is very controversial these days. Most of the sources conclude that it is safe for everyone except the people who have celiac disease.  Gluten belongs to the family of proteins found in grains, like wheat, rye, and barley. Among them, wheat is the most commonly used one. Glutenin and gliadin are the two main proteins found in gluten. Gliadin is responsible for producing most of the adverse health effects. When flour is mixed with water, the gluten proteins create a sticky network having a glue-like consistency. This makes the dough elastic, enhancing a chewy, satisfying texture when packed in food boxes. These corrugated food boxes look very appealing, but we have to be careful about our food intake.

Health Problems Associated With Gluten:

The majority of people can tolerate gluten with no adverse effects. But it causes a series of problems in people with certain health conditions like celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergy.

Celiac Disease:

Celiac disease is a troublesome form of gluten intolerance. On average, it affects 1% of the population. It is an auto-immune disorder where the human body treats gluten as a foreign invader. The immune system attacks the gluten, along with the lining of the gut. It damages the gut wall causing nutritional deficiencies, anemia, digestive issues, and tissue damage in the small intestines. However, some people with celiac disease do not get digestive symptoms, but others like tiredness, headache, skin rash, or depression.

Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity:

Many people are not tested positive for celiac disease, but they still react negatively to gluten.

The condition is called non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Its symptoms include diarrhea, stomach pain, tiredness, bloating, depression, and joint pain.

Wheat Allergy:

In approximately 0.2–1% of the population, wheat allergy may cause digestive issues after consuming gluten. Adults have this issue more than children. The people who are allergic to wheat face abnormal immune responses to specific proteins in wheat products. Symptoms can range nausea to life-threatening anaphylaxis, an allergic reaction causing difficulty in breathing after the indigestion of wheat.

Common Foods To Avoid:

Gluten is found in a large percentage of processed foods. Today's population is becoming addicted to it. The food subscription boxes full of a variety of snacks, custom cookie boxes packed with tempting delights, and takeout containers wholesale containing fast food items, all these foods are high in gluten. They may lead to adverse health conditions. Similarly, there are several other foods and beverages to be avoided in this case. The box food company should highlight nutritional labels about the ingredients present in a product.

Gluten-Free Foods:

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Whole Grains:

Few whole grains include gluten, while others are naturally gluten-free. They include quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, buckwheat, sorghum, tapioca, millet, amaranth, and arrowroot. However, whenever you purchase a wholegrain, it is necessary to check the label on wholesale food boxes. For example, oats are often processed in a facility where wheat is processed. This leads to cross-contamination to confirm whether it is gluten-free or not.

Fruits And Vegetables:

Almost all fresh fruits and vegetables are gluten-free, like bananas, apples, berries, carrots, potatoes, and corn, etc. However, if you go for processed fruits and vegetables, they may contain gluten. The packaging box manufacturers have added it for flavoring or as a thickener. Canned food or frozen food boxes wholesale contain added flavorings and sauces that contain gluten.


Gluten-free proteins include legumes, nuts, seeds, fresh red meat, fresh poultry, fresh seafood, and traditional soy foods. However, the meat you purchase from retail stores packed in food tray sleeves or window food boxes is often processed. It may include gluten-containing ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, marinades, or flour used as fillers or flavorings. So it is better to purchase them fresh from the source or through food delivery boxes suppliers.

Dairy Products:

The dairy products do not contain gluten, including milk, butter, ghee, cheese, cream, sour cream, and yogurt. However, the flavored milk and yogurt enclosed in eco-friendly Food Packaging, often contain preservatives, thickeners, or modified food starch containing gluten compounds. Similarly, the ice-cream packed in dessert boxes, are sometimes mixed with additives containing gluten.


The drinks like water, tea, coffee, fresh fruit juice, lemonade, soda, energy drinks, and few alcoholic beverages like wine, hard cedar, or sorghum are perfectly safe. However, the malted milk drinks you get in beverage packaging are a big source of gluten.

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Customer Inclination Towards Eco-Friendly Packaging

With the increase in environmental concerns, more and more customers are inclining towards sustainable packaging. They want their products to be packaged in eco-friendly boxes as a gesture to reflect their care for the environment. Over the past few years, eco-friendly packaging has gained much momentum. It was first an option to choose but now it is becoming a need of time. In the future, it is expected to grow more to meet customers' demands and prove better for the world. Eco-friendly packaging has found out several creative ways to reduce the overall waste and create a better impact. It's the reason that customers are inclining towards it more with time. 

• Eco-packaging Material is Healthy and Toxic-free:


Customer Inclination Towards Eco-Friendly Packaging


Traditional packaging contains several harmful substances and chemicals. They are injected through the production process, making it unsafe for packaging your products, especially the edibles. On the other hand, eco-friendly brown Kraft boxes are free from harmful byproducts and chemicals which can lead to physical health concerns. These recycled boxes are healthy, toxic-free, as well as help in reducing the impact on the environment to a great extent.

• A Smaller Carbon Footprint:


The greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere because of human activities are known as 'carbon footprint'. As compared to other forms of packaging, sustainable custom packaging boxes help in decreasing this impact. The lifecycle of a packaging product consists of different phases, starting from the extraction of material, to its production, transportation, usage, and disposal. At every phase, a certain amount of carbon is released in the environment. The use of eco-friendly Kraft boxes is beneficial in this regard.  The businesses which use recyclable material for product packaging require less consumption of heavy energy resources, therefore, emitting less amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

• It’s Versatile:



One of the main things which consumers as well as packaging and printing companies like about it is its versatile nature. Eco-friendly custom cardboard boxes can be reused and repurposed in several ways before recycling. This practice can be carried out industry-wide and at an individual level. When we talk about the industry, the manufacturers can reuse corrugated boxes, again and again, to send their shipment or deliver their products to the retailers. At the individual level, these Kraft boxes can be reused to design a variety of crafts like kids' toys, storage organizers, and home décor, etc. moreover, when a company moves towards green practices, its creativity of design increases. Starting from retail packaging to food, pharmaceuticals, apparel, and cosmetics, etc the designers have unlimited options to show their creativity. In addition to printed packaging boxes, the manufacturers can design paper bags, beverage containers, custom gift boxes, standup pouches, sleeves, and various other alternatives depending upon the nature of the item. This has made eco-friendly packaging the most preferred choice worldwide.

• Customers Don’t Like Waste:



Another important reason why customers prefer sustainable packaging is that it generates no waste on their part. The packaging material we use makes tons of trash ending up in landfills every year. With the rise in environmental issues, customers avoid waste as far as possible. The buyers often look at the companies negatively which throw away their custom boxes and other packaging material instead of reusing or recycling them. The use of natural Kraft packaging resolves this issue. It is recyclable and can be reused in several ways. Moreover, eco-friendly packaging allows the companies to design perfect sized custom printed boxes for their products. This reduces the amount of raw material and eliminates the need for filler packaging. Thus the customers do not have to remove heaps of waste before accessing the main product. Even if such packaging is thrown in landfills it decomposes very quickly as compared to its non-biodegradable counterparts.

• Reduce Transportation Costs:



High transportation costs influence both the customers and manufacturers. Using perfect sized eco-friendly cardboard boxes are the best way to reduce your transportation expense. Going for a custom size packaging makes your products perfectly fit it with no or little movement. This reduces the amount of raw material and eliminates the need for additional filler packaging. Moreover, using custom shipping boxes is the ideal solution especially when your products have to travel a large distance. They are lightweight, adding nothing to the weight of the product. This helps in reducing dimensional weight shipping charges and other transportation expenses by shipping more packages on the same freight carrier.  

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Protecting Yourself and Environment With Use of Eco-Friendly Boxes

All of us are aware of global warming and how it is affecting the eco-system. If you looked back in 2009, you would notice various changes that happen because of this. The Bush Fire in Australia leads to the death of Koalas. These types of tragedies cause a disturbance in our eco-system. You have noticed in previous years the unexpected rains, floods, rise in temperature all of them are the by-product of the rapid increase in temperature. But it does not end here. Not only the Planet Earth, but Human health is also on the stake of this global warming. What is the cause of it? Pollution and do you know product packaging plays a vital role in it. 

Protecting Yourself and Environment With Use of Eco-Friendly Boxes

Do you know each United States is the world's number one trash-producing country? It throws around 1,609 pounds of trash/year. It is an alarming situation because of it now printed packaging boxes' companies are switching towards eco-friendly packaging. The packaging material like plastic, aluminum, Styrofoam, and others take ages to decompose. And recycling of this material is not at all pocket friendly. But it does not end here because these metallic foils, plastic containers, and Styrofoam coffee cups are hazardous to health. The cardboard material is best for packaging. So let us find out how these corrugated boxes are beneficial for the planet for your health. 

Eco-friendly Boxes Decrease the Carbon Footprint

One of the most evident advantages of using natural kraft packaging is by securing the environment. The question here what is eco-friendly Boxes? These boxes usually consist of recycled and biodegradable material, which minimizes natural resources wastage. The best thing about these cardboard boxes is that its manufacturing is easy and pocket friendly.  It is reducing the usage of precious resources. By doing this, it also reduces the harmful effect of business on the eco-system. It is one of the reasons that these original packages minimize carbon footprint. Let us find out more about it.

Custom Packaging Boxes & biodegradability

One of the primary reasons for switching to the kraft Boxes is its biodegradability property. Do you know to reduce the carbon footprint and green packaging impact last longer even after the shipping? As you know, these custom shipping boxes are recyclable and biodegradable and leave little impact on the environment.  By keeping these concerns in mind, Amazon had made a frustration-free packaging that is 100% biodegradable and does not require any particular packing supplies like packing peanuts and bubble wraps. If you complete the frustration packaging in the word, these are the Eco-friendly packaging. It is the second most advantages of eco-friendly packaging.

Easy Disposal

You received the product in beautiful clear plastic packaging, then what happens to it? Will you throw that plastic into the bin? Have you ever think about its disposable? The same is the case with aluminum and Styrofoam. These materials are challenging to dispose of. The Kraft Boxes and cardboard boxes are the most easily disposable material in the word. Most places in Europe and the United Kingdom have the disposal and recycled services and location. So, recycling the cardboard material is very much easier as compared to the other stuff.  Whenever you use eco-friendly packaging for the product, it requires less energy and resources for disposal.

Custom Cardboard Boxes & Human Health

Do you know plastic consists of non-sustainable petrochemical materials like crude oil? These pollutants are not only injurious to the planet but also for your health. When receiving any food item in plastic containers, it leaches toxic chemicals into the food that causes cancers. Aluminum and Styrofoam are not beneficial for food packaging. Never uses this material for another purpose, for instance, for the package of clothing or cosmetics. It is because when it decomposes, and it releases toxins. If you are using custom cardboard boxes for the product packaging, then it has no issues. The eco-friendly boxes are biodegradable and do not realize toxic chemicals like plastics and other stuff.

They are easily Recycled & Reused

The last and the essential advantage of the eco-friendly Boxes is its recycled and reuse characteristics. You have seen a sign of recycling on most of the corrugated boxes. It shows that you can recycle this box or package. By doing this, you are increasing the life span of the kraft boxes and reduce the need for the new raw material. To reduce the carbon footprint by promoting the reuse of stuff. If you have any corrugates boxes in good condition, use them in DIY projects and for storage purposes. What's your verdict on the eco-friendly boxes? What do you prefer for the packing of the product? Are you still using the unsustainable packing for the items?

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