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Posted by Posted on in EirBlog
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Viagra’s New Study: Increase Your Performance at Bedroom and Workplace

Viagra may affect not only your problems in bed but also your bad performance at workplace. According to a new study, the manufacturer of brand Viagra that is leading this industry since 1998 found out that their flagman blue pill may positively affect the performance at workplace. A study with 52,000 male participants proved this fact.

The famous International Journal of Clinical Practice has held the study. Reproductive healthcare specialists from all over the world led it. Scientists managed to find out that erectile dysfunction in almost 50% of all tested cased worsened the performance at workplace. About 53% of all participants had different symptoms of ED – from mild to severe. It turns out that ED really negatively affects all aspects of men’s lives. According to another U.S. studies published in 2015 and 2016, most men with ED have higher rates of work absenteeism (about 7% reported days off or missing work due to the increased symptoms compared to 3,2% of men who didn’t have any ED symptoms).

The scientists also managed to prove that most men with ED in the USA are still present at work, despite unpleasant symptoms. While in the UK, there are a fewer men with ED symptoms who don’t miss their workdays at all. This means that ED still affects the performance at workplace compared to men without ED, but in a different way for various countries. It means that Viagra can help all these people not only with their sexual but also career problems. Surely, the study needs a further exploration in other countries with a high percentage of ED patients. But generally, the manufacturer assumes that Viagra actually helps people to feel and work better due to the powerful stress relief related to the constant problems with erection. If you also have problems with performance at workplace due to any ED symptoms, you may want to order Viagra Professional or Brand Viagra. Also check how Viagra (Sildenafil, to be precise) affects men’s psychological state.

How does Viagra affect male psychological condition?

Many males who consume Viagra or who are just about to take these medications are worried not so much about side effects or contraindications, how much they worry about the effect of Viagra on the psyche. Viagra does not cause side effects and does not have any severe contraindications. If they are, then they are characterized by short duration.

And it’s something good that people who turn to Viagra for help are interested in its side effects, contraindications and possible pressure on the psyche. The good thing about this is that people are not only warned, but also not ashamed to talk about the use of such drugs.

Well, there is some bad side here, which is that problems still exist and remain. In addition, numerous questions about Viagra and its side effects suggest that not all males have all the necessary information about these drugs. However, before answering the question of the effect of Viagra on the human psyche, why men use Viagra to overcome psychological issues?

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction that Viagra can fix

According to healthcare specialists, the main factors for erectile dysfunction are:

  • Overwork and lack of sleep;
  • Bad ecological situation;
  • Stress;
  • Various psychological issues like phobia, traumas, etc.;

All these reasons imply about one thing – our modern life does not allow a person to relax, sleep off or just relax. All this affects men’s health and erection problems, and it results in depression.

In other words, if a man ever had a weak boner, that is, if suddenly an erection did not appear at the right time, a man may begin to feel inferior and depressed.

In addition to purely psychological reasons, there are also medical reasons. These reasons include both human health problems and diabetes. What is most interesting is that when the main cause of the disease is not medical, but psychological problems and most men somehow do not pay attention to it.

However, if this is a psychological problem, men become and begin to become complex due to the fact that they cannot satisfy their partner. In most cases, men need the help of a psychologist who can convince them and somehow raise their self-esteem.

And so that a man feels more confident in sexual terms, he is assigned to take Viagra. These magic pills help both diversify a person’s life and remove erectile dysfunction, regardless of severity.

If you get back to psychological problems, many of them could be solved by using Viagra. Everyone can find these medications not only in the most ordinary pharmacies, but also in online stores. Some men seem to give themselves a subconscious mindset like “only with Viagra I can satisfy a girl, without her I won’t succeed.”

And with such an attitude, the psychological state of a man acts stronger than without such thoughts. The thing is that with such an attitude, a man is afraid to have sex without pills, and the sexual act for him ends without having started. As a result, the psychological fear of being weak in a bed can develop into a real mania, which is almost impossible to defeat.

To solve such a terrible circle of problems in sexual terms, you can resort to using ED pills called Viagra. These pills act by pumping blood to your penile veins thanks to Sildenafil. This component, contained in Viagra, helps to fill all the cavernous bodies in the reproductive system with blood, stimulating and accelerating the process of erection. To sum up, on a purely psychological level levitra helps a man to be more confident.

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What's in your drinking water?

Have you ever wondered how clean your drinking water really is? Or maybe it's something you've never given a second thought. A recent investigation by the Associated Press has uncovered the disturbing reality of municipal water supplies.

Would you willingly drink water laced with antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones? According to the AP at least 41

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