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5 Ways Shoes Impact Your Foot and Overall Health

If the fashion industry is anything to go by, you can wear transparent, high-heeled boots with platforms, and do so with confidence and pride. The strangest possible footwear shapes and forms pop up in fashion shows, but you never see them worn in everyday life. Why is that? 

Simply put, comfort and function matter much more than simple appearance. Yes, aesthetics is often the primary reason why so many people purchase a certain pair of sneakers, or why the Oxford shoe has become a staple of men’s style, but it’s not the excuse to jeopardize your health. 

The role of footwear in keeping your feet and spine aligned is paramount, whereas your overall health will surely suffer if you suddenly switched from your appropriate-sized boots to immensely uncomfortable heels a size too small for your feet. So, let’s tackle the role your shoes play on your feet health and your overall wellbeing, and thus help you truly put your best foot forward whenever it’s time to purchase a new pair!

Proper body alignment

When you buy a random pair of sneakers for everyday strolls, and you start noticing knee pain, or back issues, don’t be surprised if it all boils down to your shoes. You might first blame the chair, or the simple fact that you sit at the office for hours on end, but at the very least, shoes without proper support will worsen the issue.

It’s quite simple: your feet are the foundation, the basis for your posture and your entire body. While you might not have flat feet or arching problems, you could still experience pain in your back because your soles are too thin and flat, and the insole doesn’t have enough padding for optimal mobility. With the right shoes, you can keep your posture strong and all of your joints will remain aligned, which is a long-term investment in your health. 

Joint support and injury prevention

In your youth, you hardly ever notice when you twist your ankle or stumble, and falling is certainly less stressful on your body when you’re just a curious kid. Later in life, however, when you spend most of your time sitting down and significantly less time exercising, your body needs every bit of help and support. 

For example, you’ll find that many shoes provide sturdy ankle support for athletes and recreational sport enthusiasts, whereas senior-friendly footwear are not just meant to be comfortable. You’ll find the more novel designs to be slip-resistant, but also lightweight, whereas slip-ons are perfect for daily walks to prevent stumbling on loose shoelaces. Such simple changes in design can mean the world to those who wear them.

Athletic performance

5 Ways Shoes Impact Your Foot and Overall Health

Whenever you walk into a gym, you’ll notice that those working hard at the weights have different footwear compared to those on the treadmill. The activities might seem similar to the untrained eye, but lifters often require more ankle support, and they cannot wear anything with a “wobbly” sole or too much padding. In fact, the best option for lifters means flat soles with built-in wooden heels that are slightly elevated, for better ankle mobility. 

Then you have runners, joggers, and those who require enough padding and the same level of ankle support, due to their explosive movements that can be tough on the joints. What most people would do is check out other people’s opinions online, such as Kicks Guru sneaker reviews to find out which pair is perfect for training, and which shoes are designed for everyday use. This means going beyond a particular brand and hand-picking a pair that will not just be a good fit for your needs, but also top-quality and durable for what you do.

Avoiding foot odor

Whether you’re about to spend an entire day at the office, walking across town, or you train regularly, there’s one common concern for all of us mere mortals: foot odor. For people who work out, this is a particularly sensitive issue, since foot odor simply means that the sweat in which your feet will reside can also lead to fungal infections and other health concerns. It’s no longer just a question of smell, but health, too.

Thankfully, whether your feet sweat too much due to heat or you train every day, you can always look for shoes made of breathable fabrics that are designed to prevent such odor issues. The added breathability helps prevent infections, too, and makes you feel significantly more comfortable in your everyday activities. Taking off your shoes at someone’s home will no longer be that big of a deal. 

Balance and posture 

Have you ever tried hiking in a pair of old, worn-out sneakers, only to discover that your feet will soon start to hurt, and that it’s difficult to retain your balance on rugged terrain? That’s why there are designated hiking boots and tailor-made dance shoes to help you enjoy any activity better. Even in everyday life, the sole of your shoes and the curve of your footwear can make all the difference in how comfortable and stable you are. 

That is why wearing high heels or flat shoes are the two extremes that don’t work in your favor. The insole is meant not only to keep your feet warm, but also to provide ample support, especially if your arches are lower than they should be. Wear them for too long, and they lose their consistency and padding will become much flatter, hence the need to always replace your shoes in time. 


You can always find a decent pair of shoes for a special occasion, heels for a wedding, or sneakers for recreational training – but focus on the quality rather than appeal, and you’ll instantly invest in your long-term health, too. The sooner you start wearing functional, fitting shoes, the easier it will be for you to train properly, retain your bone and joint health, and of course, stay comfortable every single day.

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