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Treatment Of Runner's Toenail Infection Naturally

Athlete's foot under microscope
The best example of professional predisposition to toenail infection can be seen in runners. Training or participation in big events – both can lead to fungal infection which is most commonly known as toenail infection. The causative agent as we all know is a fungus, namely, dermatophytes. We thought you may be interested in knowing, so... Why are toenail more susceptible than fingernails? Bloodflow to our toes is less than our fingers, which makes difficult for our immune system to detect and cure the infection. Toenails remian inside the shoes for a long time hence provide an apt environment for the fungus to grow. The two reasons runners get this infection include excessive sweat and occluding footwear. Now, coming to its cure... One must remember that before treating the toenail fungus with any topical ointment or homne remedy, it is important to remove the thick layer of fungal biofilm. Only...
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The Puzzle of H. pylori: My Personal Pylori Project

Mastic Gum
Hi again! In Part 1 (The Puzzle of H. pylori: The Science) I explained what Helicobacter pylori is, how it invades the body, the symptoms it causes - basically, all the science stuff. Here in Part 2 of my trilogy of posts on my H. pylori experience I'm going to talk about my own personal H. pylori project i.e. my experiments with various foods and herbal remedies in my efforts to come up with my own treatment and eradicate the little pest from my body!   My personal pylori project The core of my plan has been the rather fantastic mastic gum, a herbal remedy from a Greek pistachio tree with potent anti-pylori activity. A little goes a long way – my pot of 13g lasted me 3 weeks. I'd just like to run through some more of the details of my plan, to give you an idea of the...
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How to avoid wasting money when self-treating environmental illnesses

Whether you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME), fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or any other illness which we cover on The Environmental Illness Resource, the treatment options available from conventional medicine are extremely limited or totally non-existent.

When I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 1990 at the age of 11 I was given two treatment options by my doctor and various hospital specialists.....psychiatric treatment and 'graded exercise'. To cut a long story short, the psychiatric 'treatment' involved a grumpy old man suggesting that the only things wrong with me were that I didn't want to go to school and I had problems at home. Neither of these suggestions was even close to the truth, I loved school and was deeply upset about having to miss days because I was too ill. I also had a very happy home life and have a fantastic family. This is besides the fact that if I had problems at home AND wanted to avoid school, surely I would not have spent the days I had off school....at home in bed!

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