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Help! Parents of children with autism wanted for study on feeding issues and diet.

Greetings to all and a Happy New Year.

ESPA Research has been contacted by a Dietitian based in the UK with an interest in autism and diet. She is looking for parents / primary caregivers of children diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition to take part in an on-line survey looking at various facets of feeding and diet. Children should be aged between 3-16 years and resident in the UK. A link to the survey is provided here hosted by the National Autistic Society (NAS) Research Projects section.

As many parents and professionals will know, feeding and dietary issues are often an area of significant concern for many children on the autism spectrum. There is a growing recognition that more research and resources are required to catalogue such issues in terms of prevalence and specific types of problems present in autism; and where possible, ensure that appropriate nutritional intake is maintained (particularly for those following restrictive diets such as GFCF diet).

Kind regards,

ESPA Research