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Reverse T3 and Thyroid Resistance


A guide to the treatment of Thyroid resistance written for the brain fogged patient

Our web site has been in place for nearly 12 months now and has been largely successful at answering questions and healing people treat their RT3 issues. I have been through this site to expand places where we have leant more and update things were we have learnt better. Pages where additional information has been added are marked (updated 10/10).

This web site has been set up to gather together the information and discussions that have come from the RT3 Yahoo Group. If you are not already a member of that group then you can click here to join

Most people who have got to here have been through a few doctors along the way and spent a lot of money trying to recover their health.

I am not a Dr, I'm an electronics problem solver by profession, but I suffer from this condition and it's only since I discovered the RT3 yahoo group and a very astute lady called Valerie helped me that I've finally got to the bottom of my health problems. We are providing this information to help you ask your doctor the correct questions and help interpret the answers. Self treating, while possible, is a last resort and we do not recommend it.

I would like to welcome any Drs who are reading this site, what we are presenting here has worked for a lot of people and I am sure it can help many more.  (updated 10/10)

Lab numbers are a source of confusion, with TSH in range Drs insist that people must feel well and it's not thyroid. The medical profession has lost sight of how people feel, they insist on treating lab numbers and not people. Lots of information on interpreting lab numbers here (updated 10/10)

Rant over and into this specific way for thyroid treatment to fail:-

The first question is "What is Thyroid Hormone Resistance caused by RT3".

The rest follow on from there in some resemblance of order but, due to the way thyroid and adrenal issues interact, you may end up jumping round a bit.

What are the symptoms of RT3 problems (updated 10/10)

What do you mean by "Tissue Resistance" (updated 10/10)

How is it diagnosed (updated 10/10)

How is it treated  (updated 10/10)

What are the causes of RT3   (updated 10/10)

I am already on Thyroid treatment, do I need to change it

What is this T3 medication??

Starting treatment, How much T3 do I need? Your Dr may not know  how to dose T3 only, this should help  (updated 10/10)

What do I have to take at different times to T3??

Which brands of T3 are the best  (updated 10/10)

Do I need/want Sustained Release T3 (SRT3)

Are there other ways of clearing RT3

Can you show me where Doctors agree with this? (updated 10/10)

What about Wilson's work.

How do I know if my adrenals are strong enough to tolerate T3

Iron, Ferritin and other iron panel tests new discoveries from thyroid patients about Iron Labs  (New Page 10/10)

Treating Low Iron, lots of ways of doing it, some more successful then others (New Page 10/10)

Adrenals and the troubles they cause, an explanation of why thyroid patients often have adrenal issues and what to do about  them     (heavily updated 10/10)

I'm feeling shaky, what's that caused by? Those adrenal again

My temperature is all over the place/I have a fast pulse/my heart is pounding, sometimes temperature drops when I take T3, why is that? 

How do I know if I am on too much T3?   Also known as "Can I be on  too much T3 and not be hyperthyroid?"

Do I need  T4 at all?, otherwise known as Can I stay on T3 permanently???

Iodine, should I take extra while taking T3?????

I want to try swapping back onto Natural, how do I do it?

Dr Lowe Web Site.  The site of a  leading advocate of T3 therapy specialising in Fibromyalgia and tissue resistance.

What else affects things Ferritin, Adrenals, Electrolytes etc (heavily updated 10/10)

Where do I get help with this RT3 treatment?  Links to the Yahoo Group this web site supports

I don't think RT3 is my problem but don't feel well, where else can I get thyroid help The Stop The Thyroid Madness website, there is a lot of good information on there.

More thyroid help, the Alt.Support.Thyroid Usenet group web site

Unexpected Health Benefits. Hypo symptoms clear, and so do lots of unexpected things

Stopping Meds before tests. How long before the various lab tests do you have to stop meds to get accurate results??

Resources in the UK The Thyroid Patient Advocacy, they are campaigning for better treatment for UK thyroid patents who get some of the worse treatment in the world, They also run a strong Yahoo support group. If you are in the UK this is an essential resource including lab discounts.   (New link  10/10)

Success Stories If you spend time lurking on the Yahoo group you hear of people with problems with the treatment. the ones who have finished the the treatment and moved on. This is a collection of success stories that have been posted on the group over the last year or so  (New pages 10/10)

If you have questions about RT3 treatment please join the yahoo group and ask questions there

DO NOT contact me directly about medical issues or RT3 issues, those are all to go through the group so that other people get the benefit of seeing the answer. To e-mail me about specific issues with the web site such as broken links, typos, etc then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.