by  Deborah Dupre

Human Rights Examiner

March 16th, 2011 7:26 pm ET


The maps live linked below are updated regularly so the public can easily see the Pacific jet stream that carries fallout from Japan and seismic activity circling clockwise around the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Some experts say California coast is ripe to be next for a mega-quake, coinciding with an unusual full moon on March 18 and other unique magnetic pull through March 27. Such natural phenomena can be enhanced with HAARP and scalar technology. 

Animation of Pacific Jet Stream Analyses:

Northern Hemisphere:


Animated Jet Stream with IR satellite:

Forecast - Jet Stream Eastern Pacific and Western North America:


Jet Stream Analyses and Forecasts at 300 mb: 

Meltdowns And Jet Stream Map To The US:

Seismic Activity:  


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