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ALLERGIC to Candida

Dr. James Brodsky's statement in the preface of The Yeast Connection, 3rd edition calls for doctors to WAKE UP! to yeast related illness. Brodsky says that some patients DEVELOP ALLERGY TO CANDIDA. Dr. Brodsky is currently my doctor. If you are chemically sensitive, ALLERGY to candida might be one of your big problems.

A clear indication of just how allergic I was to candida came while I was on my way out of Dr. Alan Lieberman's South Carolina clinic when, in the last days of a month-long detox, I underwent allergy provocation shots - hours and hours of being injected with substances A-Z, including candida. Every symptom was painstakingly recorded in order to create an effective neutraliztion serum.

Two days before I left the Charleston, SC clinic, I reported to Dr. Lieberman that I was having a delayed reaction to the candida shot - a large, red, itchy welt had grown larger overnight. The serum for neutralization was modified, but, what happened next was very unexpected. The welt continued to grow bigger for a week, on the 15 hour drive home and for days afterwards. 

The ALLERGIC reaction I had to candida was FAR GREATER than any of the 200+ substances that I'd been injected with, one at a time. I was allergic to my own body.

Now, I am getting allergy immunotherapy shots for candida from Washington DC allergist immunologist Dr. Talal Nsouli, (also Bill Clinton's allergist). This is the first time he has ever ordered candida allergy shots - he was unwilling at first, but then, agreed. He was able to get the serum extract from his most trusted company. I took the vial to my primary care physician's office where I am on a fast track and getting two shots a week.