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An Alternative Salon for Those With Chemical Sensitivities and Auto-Immune Diseases

Dropping combs, having a hard time hearing my clients and experiencing dizziness led to my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis while I was attending cosmetology school. The question that came to me was "Would I be able to continue in this profession?" While on a leave of absence and not around toxins, my Multiple Sclerosis went into remission. On my return to school, my symptoms resurfaced. So, I researched alternative options for salon products from hair care to milk paint, air purifiers to cleaning supplies, which led me to develop PureHues Hair Salon™ ( Now those that have auto-immune diseases, chemical sensitivities or are concerned about their health and our environment have a choice and can benefit from this unique salon.

Allergies to perfume(s) affect approximately 12% of the North American population. Preservatives and other chemicals found in typical hair and body care products also cause problems to many individuals. Those who suffer from these reactions are often not believed by their stylist and end up leaving in frustration.

We at PureHues Hair Salon listen carefully to what you have to say and keep that information in mind as we plan your services. We specialize in providing a safe place where we are conscientious about all of the products used in our laundry soap, cleaning products and service products. At our salon you can have the confidence and assurance that what we are putting on your skin promotes health and wellness!

PureHues Hair Salon, Maricopa, AZ

(480) 861-0290 - Call to make your appointment

Services Provided - Haircuts & Styling No color or perm services offered

For the safety of our staff and clients, we ask that you or anyone else that accompanies you, do not wear perfumes, scented lotions or any other scented personal care products on the day of your visit. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that does not choose to help us preserve our healthy, non-toxic environment.

Always get into the habit of reading labels - if the ingredients sound like a high-school chemistry experiment, continue shopping until you find alternatives without the poisons/toxins.