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Back on the Threelac

Threelac - Live Lactic Acid Bacteria SupplementI’ve decided to re-take the plunge by adding Threelac to my supplement regime.

I did try Threelac many moons ago and started to see some reasonable results, however I foolishly stopped taking it for some reason. I think I was deterred too quickly by some nasty smelling flatulence and bowel movements, later realising this is usually an indication the little critters are getting to work.  

Rather than hammering my body with various antifungals, which typically do more harm than good, Threelac can be used by itself in varying dosages. After digging around it would seem the general consensus is that Threelac can create good results, even after you wade through the corporate and commercial ‘spiel’ associated with it.

What I’m having less trouble finding is good research on why it can be so effective. The company has it’s own research, which is no doubt naturally biased, so I would be very interested in some further independent laboratory testing.

Some say the strains are both more effective against certain types of fungi such as candida and also more resistant to the harsh stomach environment that probiotics need to penetrate in order to reach the colon. If the later is true then it’s quite impressive, as I require a capsule strength of around 50 billion to notice any minor improvements, either as slightly better bowel movements or a slight bought of die of which I can tolerate.

I have decided to think about Candida a little more due to my liver ache and other symptoms. Liver ache is not a standard symptom of adrenal fatigue, and I’m more inclined to think the cause is due to circulating toxins. I also have long standing post nasal drip in my nose which could be fungi and saw plenty of fermentation come out when I last had a colonic.

Hopefully it will be a gentle introduction that will support my other supplements. I have a bad habit or swinging too often between Candida and adrenal fatigue, not really giving either a chance to improve as I change my program.

If the worst comes to the worst, it holds its value pretty well, and due to each sachet being individually sealed it’s possible to sell this on.