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Booze and Bagel

So much for the steady week!

After a good week and a reasonable schedule of events lined up over the weekend, things were looking good.

Unfortunately being surrounded by a thousand university students in the union club led me to break my 1 year and 2 month restriction on alcohol. Not only did I falter but I faltered in style, swiftly downing 2 double vodka's and 2 double gin's on an empty stomach.

Surprisingly the rest of the evening didn't go horribly. My blood sugar didn't swing nor did I feel anything hugely abnormal from the usual experience of 4 double shots in a row.  However it's now the early hours of Tuesday morning from that Saturday night out and I feel like death.  

Since I was in the mood for breaking restrictions, I thought I'd also go for a McDonalds breakfast on Sunday morning. This was the real killer, and each bite was a mixture of guilt and sinful pleasure. I could literally taste the added sugar in the bun.  Despite that I got back on track immediately, filling the rest of the day with my standard hypoallergenic meals, and probably through exhaustion -  got a reasonable nights sleep.

I thought I may have got away with it, until Monday afternoon hit. All that crap had now reached my digestive tract, leaving some nasties behind no doubt. My usual schedule of coconut oil, pau d'arco tea and probiotics has sparked the equiverlant of world war 3 in my gut and I am now wide awake at 3am, with flu like symptoms including a sore throat, dipping sinusus, headache and further brain fog. Now might be a good time to try some activated charcoal, although knowing my luck the die off would have subsided by the time it gets delivered.

Will just plough through, and feel confident my supplements are going to work. Surprisingly my liver isn't in bad shape and didn't scream in any way after the alcohol load. I'm also tolerating the die off reasonably well mentally. Even after this slip up I'm impressed how I've handled my emotions and stayed positive, when quite easily I could have wallowed in self pity.

I've certainly learned my lesson, so it's onwards and upwards from here. Even slip ups are useful in gauging how your illness manifests and your response to it.

Still much rather I hadn't done it though!