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Looking for Friends with MCS and help building a safe home.  I recently suffered a house fire in a small town in Mt.  I am relocating to a healthier North Idaho area and have insurance money to rebuild.

i am finding builders and materials providers with in depth knowledge of what MCS means to every day life and to building a safe home are few and far between.  even green builders say everything has to gas out and it takes an average of 5 years.  I would not be able to live to enjoy  my new house in that case..   

No one seems to realize that if my house isn't safe, it's a death sentence to me.  I often feel terrified over living through this and ending up with a healthy home I can thrive in. My house was very small so my insurance co. has allowed me 4 months to rebuild which is partially passed.  

 I'm wishing, hoping and praying that i find the answers here as i see no way to relocate anywhere else and my family is near.  I do wish there were more resources here, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  There are a few green builders but I'm learning that green doesn't mean non toxic.  It seems to have more to do with how woods are harvested and cleaned up after the products are made.

 I had a serious reaction testing a so called green sub floor material  from LP,  i'm sorry i can't recall the name of it now.  I told the chemist that i had had a reaction to it and he said it was the formaldehyde in it!  But, that there was such a slight amount that it was not harmful, that everything has formaldehyde in it naturally anyway. When I told him  i had been poisoned on formaldehyde, in a coma from it and left chemically sensitive, he said, oh don't use it then.  I asked about alternatives and he answered,  "Well, plywood. "  Some of which I do know is very low and was useable for a house I was involved in building after my coma,  almost 30 years ago.  I thought from the information going around about green building and clean air in green homes that things would be better than they are now. 

I really appreciate this site at this particular time in my life.  It feels good to connect with people who understand these problems, even though I can't see you and haven't heard from anyone yet and who don't likely laugh, criticize and accuse you of being a hypochondriac or manipulator. It's been a long hard row to hoe where even my intimate family judged against me at a time i was very very ill. it was devastating. 

So, Thank You very much.