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Candida: a practical approach

Dear all,

I've met many chem sensitive sufferers since getting sick six years ago. ALL of them need to erradicate candida in order to heal, regardless of the cause of the illness. You gotta heal the gut. It's tricky, too.

The candida diet and herbs are the start. Here's a good website where there is all the info you'll need: 

This site is actually overwhelming. You might want to join and get the daily digest in order to organize the info. I'm currently doing that myself.

Well, truth told, I have been a real stubborn case with the diet and went on Nystatin at 4 MU (million units) per day - that's one teaspoon, divided into 3 or more doses - hoping it would do the trick without dieting. I'm finding I'm in a kill - grow- kill - grow cycle by not being strict about the diet. PLUS, the die-off episodes are extremely painful. 

Nystatin: best to use compounded pure oral Nystatin rather than the hard pill. The powder dispersement is much better than one hard little pill stuck up against the stomach wall. Nystatin does not metabolize in the blood, rather, it stays in the digestive corridor, from one end to the other. Nystatin must be in physical contact with yeast to kill it. You'll need a prescription. At The Yeast Connection website you'll find a letter to physicians that explains that you believe you have a gastrointestinal yeast overgrowth problem. The letter is a plea for your doctor to believe you and be open minded. The physician packet is here:

You don't need an expensive top doc to do this!!! Probably better, a young doctor who is willing to learn with you. AND... Guys, this means you too! 

Yeast is not a women only issue. Candida overgrowth starts in the gut - anybody's gut, male or female. 

FACT: thrush, vaginal, esophagus yeast infections CANNOT happen without concomitant overgrowth in the gut. 
This, from Dr. William Crook's The Yeast Connection, 3rd edition.

After I got a month supply of pure Nystatin powder, I became increasingly comfortable with it. Now, I wash my face with it and mild liquid soap. I swish with it for 20 minutes per day. I easy-sniff the "smoke" from the cannister. I use it in a weekly enema - candida thrives in the lower bowel where Nystatin has a hard time getting to - it gets used up in the intestines. So, put it there - retain as long as possible once a week. First to a cleansing enema to flush out the stuff - you want to get to the mucousal lining, which might be a few layers under, believe me!

Is this too graphic for you? Hey, get friendly with your body and heal it. I will not ever suggest anything to you that is harmful - only helpful. 

PROBIOTICS - these are necessary to balance the intestinal good bacteria since Nystatin is cleaning house.

So, go get yourself a pleasant primary care physician and sit down and have a talk. When you get the Nystatin, put it in the fridge. In the meantime, print out some of the recipes on the Candida diet and chow down.

Hey, this is helping me too! By now I'd be having ice cream if i wasn't writing this!