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Choosing a practitioner

With my ASI test results imminant, I've narrowed down who I'm likely to approach as a practitioner to 2 options. is a non profit CFS center based purely on the approach that treating the adrenals will help with CFS. They have a couple of books I would love to get hold of as and the shipping looks reasonable.

Had a brief email exchange with the N.D there, and I was impressed with there knowledge of interpreting and treating the different stages to the ASI. He also seemed aware of the potential paradoxical and stimulatory problems that can crop up as a result of ones individual response to treatment, making me feel like I wouldn't simply get a shotgun of nutrients that will only go towards making me feel worse. The cost is likely to be low as well, charging per minute.

The UK practitioner Dr Peatman is my second option. No-one else to choose from in the UK I've discovered! If Dr Peatman was still a registered doctor I would be there in a heartbeat but alas perhaps for the greater good he now operates as a nutritionist. The pros are obviously a UK doctor using UK supplements and potential access for a face to face appointment if needed.

I am vaguely aware of the standard treatment program issued by Dr P and remain skeptical on its individualisation. The appointment cost is also likely to be significantly more, but the longer term supplement cost is likely to be a little less. If I was in position where I was able/needing to supplement with hydrocortisone I wouldn't hesistate in approaching him. 

At the moment I'm leaning towards the US option. Also helps a little that the labroratory I used for the test they are familiar working with.

My general health has been very poor since my 'emergency' 6 days ago. It must've significantly altered my circadian rhythm literally overnight, as since then I've been unable to fall asleep naturally before 3-4am. I suspect my cortisol levels have shot up and not returned back to any sort of normality. As I'm now having to get up for work, this means only a couple of hours sleep a night. As expected I'm extremely tired between around 4-7pm and have to resisit the urge the completely conk out when getting home from work. This gives me the best chance of getting some sleep during the night with a view to slowly resetting my body clock.

7 days and counting with either no sleep or just a couple of hours is both a significant drain on my mood and energy levels. Takes alot of guts to try and move on and not dwell on the decisions made in the past, especially when they have such an impact on the present.

Dear Santa, please may I get some regular sleep for christmas.