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Compounded Nystatin

Dear All,

Nystatin: best to use compounded pure oral Nystatin rather than the hard pill. The pill will give you indigestion -- I have some of both. Why? Medicare covers the pill and not the compounded powder. I use a pill crusher to break up the hard pill and it seems to help. But, at first, you should definitely use the compunded oral. It tastes pretty awaful, buit you'll get used to it.

Nystatin topical powder is different - it has talc in it. Make sure the doctor's order reads "ORAL NYSTATIN"

The powder dispersement is much better than one hard little pill stuck up against the stomach wall.

Nystatin does not metabolize in the blood, rather, it stays in the digestive corridor, from one end to the other. 

Nystatin must be in physical contact with yeast to kill it.

You'll need a doctor's prescription in the US. Don't know about other places' restrictions. In the US, a month's supply is $115.00 US dollars. (That's very high - shop around).

At The Yeast Connection website you'll find a letter to physicians that explains that you believe you have a gastrointestinal yeast overgrowth problem. The letter is a plea for your doctor to believe you and be open minded. The physician packet is here:

You don't need an expensive top doc to do this!!! Probably better, a young doctor who is willing to learn with you. AND... Guys, this means you too!