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Dear all,

Antifungals (azoles) are effective medications for eliminating yeast/fungus/candida in parts of the body that Nystatin cannot reach. Nystatin is great for the gut, but candida can go everywhere through permeated intestinal walls. The candida, once it settles into the mucousal intesinal lining, grows tenacles called RHIZOIDS. These roots weaken the intestinal wall and leaky gut happens, allowing mycotoxins, undigested particles, toxic by-products like aceltaldehyde and yeast to travel into the body. Yeast colonizes and grows in all soft tissue, joints, glands, etc. 

You can eradicate the infestation with diet. But, if you are chemically sensitive, you might want to explore antifungal medication with you doctor. If you take azole medication, you must begin with a liver panel before taking any drugs. Stay under doctor supervision.

Recently, my doctor, Dr. James Brodsky, author of the preface to the The Yeast Connection, 3rd edition prescribed Diflucan - fluconazole - at 200 mg per day. I had been on a Nystatin regimine for 5 months and have improved somewhat - I would be better if I were strict with diet. With Diflucan, INSTANTLY, a new die-off started. I'm in the middle of it now. Headache, upset stomach, general aches and a very high level of sensitivity. After three days of terrible die-off, I called Dr. Brodsky to tell him how sick I was. He cut the dosage in half. I was killing off the yeast too fast. 

I'm struggling with the diet, but know that without changing my eating habits, I will just be in die-off loop hell forever. It is this blog that's helping me realize that a whole lot of people are helping me now and i must do my part by changing my diet to finally eradicate yeast and get past die-off. I am also learning about what nutritional supplements are necessary - if you're like me, you have a store of supps and just don't know what to take, when.

You absolutely need a doctor to help you with this. Here is a physican's packet with a letter for your primary care physician explaining about yeast.