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Extreme Oversensitivity

I have had candida for many years and twelve years ago when a practitioner told me to stop taking probiotics and I did so I suddenly found myself totally unable to take almost any vitamins, minerals, anti-fungals, medications, etc. - any pills (including anything in liquid form).   Now the candida is causing a chronic viral infection for 1.5 years and other complications and I must try to get the candida reduced.  Can anyone tell me how they cope with or coped with severe, I am talking severe, oversensitivity?  I could not even drink alkaline water without a reaction.  The reaction I get is in my chest and then I cannot sleep.  It feels as though someone has twisted my chest with a wrench slightly or more depending on how much of a supplement I have taken.  Then I have to go off of it for several days.  I have been off work four months trying to resolve virus which I finally realized will not resolve without some address to candida.  Thank you.  DianeMarie