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First Post - Question Concerning Blood Pressure?

Hello...this is my first post.  I found this site a few months back.  Having a really bad day and decided I needed to come back here and look for answers.

I'm currently experiencing once again high blood pressure and wondering it is a typical symptom of MCS?

A little backgound history:

 I had a extreme exposure a few weeks before Thanksgiving ... Cashmere Mist Cologne at church.  EMS had to be called and taken to ER.  My blood pressure was 196/123...another reason the EMS wanted me to go to the ER even though I told them I just needed a few hours and I would be better.

I also have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Myasthenia Gravis in 1993.  MG causes extreme muscle weakness and I had a severe case of MG.  Through nutriution I had both of these well managed until 2004 when an exposure to lacquer varnish (at the church once again) sent me into a tailspin and I learned about MCS at that time. has been an issue for a long time that was "blamed" on MG...just elevated in 2004.  And MG patients can be sensitive to many medications and toxins.  Now I have to wonder if the chemicals caused the MG and Fibro?  I got all 3 health issue under control though it took about 1 year.  Only minor flairs until November 2009 with the Cashmere Mist.

No doubt my reaction to it was more severe that most suffers due since symptom are compounded by MG!  I had total muscle weakness...couldn't walk and the harder I tried the weaker I got.  By the time EMS arrived I was a total ragdoll.  Four men lifted me onto the stretcher...I had no muscle strength.  And my breathing was very shallow and slow.  Time was the only treatment.  By the time I was seen in ER by a doctor, my symptons were improving including blood pressure and I was sent home in a wheel chair as I still was unable to walk.  I stayed on the couch closest to the bathroom and had to have help to walk  that short distance for a week.  Food had to be prepared and brought to me.

Obviously, my toxin level had to have been building to have had that extreme of a the Cashmere Mist in my opionion is deadly.  About  a month before that exposure, I had an exposure to this same cologne...the mother of the lady who was wearing it the day I had to go to the ER.  However, it was not a strong and it took about 30 minutes for me to decide that it was going to be an issue.  It had been a long time since I had had a flair so I was thinking I would be okay.  After that 30 minutes or so, I headed for home.  By the time I got home, my husband had to help me walk into the house.  I had 3 weak days...but nothing like the pre-Thanksgiving episode.  Thanksgiving day I had another episode ... everyone knew not to wear cologne, but an elderly aunt put on clothes she had worn a few days before and the cologne lingered...this was Este Lauder and the reaction was milder.  I couldn't walk without help for 3 hours...shallow breathing but didn't feel threathen...improved as the day went on.  Though had several bad days of recovery from pushing to function all day.

Long story short...I have left the house 9 times since Thanksgiving and 5 of those times lead to severe though not extreme reactions.  One was a lady's deodorant!  All resutled in 3-7 days of recovery.

I was using hot tub/sauna detox and thought I had it pretty well controlled but had a near extreme reation at my granddaughter's birthday party Feb 28th...this is one of the 5 times mentioned above.  Back to the tub/sauna detox and had some amazingly stronger days.  Went grocery shopping with husband...I still don't go anywhere by myself.  I some mild fragrance expsoures but no severe reations.  Slight headache and nausea and charcoal resolved that.  Thought once again I was well on my way to being back to "normal" until a few days ago.  Cleaning cabinets out in bathroom and came across a potpourri had to have been in there for years...mild fragrance.  Threw it away...this was around 4 pm...felt a little nausea and slight headache...and thought that was all...however, around 9 pm I started feeling weak. 

 Still weak two days now.  Last night had bad headache and my blood pressure was 174/95 HR85.  Took BP this a.m. 149/85 HR79.  After 2 hours on computer checking e-mails, reviewing MCS research, etc.  Headache back and BP 172/94 HR 93...breathing somewhate shallow.  The high BP scares me...don't need a stroke on top of all else!

 Didn't know how long I would be able to research and thought I would put this question out there and someone might have any answer.  I haven't done sauna detox in 2 weeks...probably big mistake.  Thinking this is going to have to be a longterm practice for me.

I would appreciate any comments.  Thanks, Lajuana

Oh...didn't realize I signed on as scrapladyandmore til I came back here.  I'm am into digital scrapbooking and that's my user name.  I quess part of the andmore  like it of not is MCS...l0l!