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Fuel Oil Disaster in our 150yr old Home

Hello Everyone, I'm Sandi.  I'm online looking for advice, information, and support for what is currently going on in my life.  I'm also willing to return the above if I can to anyone in need.

Almost 3 weeks ago now, a fuel oil company pumped 250+ gallons of fuel oil into my 150+ yr old family homestead basement.  We neither ordered it or were even their customers.  It was to go across the street to our uncle's house.  Needless to say we are still dealing with the cleanup and all of its after effects.

My main concerns are for the air quality, water as we have well water and my children's health.  They both has asthma and one has constant breathing issues from asthma to allergies.  My husband stayed in the house the 2nd and 3rd night and was very sick the next day.  He was in denial as to how bad the smell was.  He had a headache and was losing his hair by day 2.  Luckily the kids and I were in Chicago on vaca when all this happened.  Now we are home and staying elsewhere for the time being.

To top things off 2 days after we drove home, I developed a DVT in my right calf.  I am layed up and basically useless for now.  I am on blood thinners and some really strong pain killers as my leg is swollen up like a balloon and quite painful.

 I am looking  for anyone who might have had this happen to them or someone they know and how they dealt with the cleanup/gas company.  What kind of health issues are we possibly looking at if we move back into the house in a couple weeks?  Do we need air tests upstairs?  The well is being tested and so far no contamination has occurred.  Will air cleaners help?

I wish they would tear it down and rebuild it so we would know we were safe.  I just don't know where to turn for advice.  My head is spinning for dealing with it all.