I've started to notice a shift in some of my symptoms which may be good or may be bad. The first is I'm waking up less in the night and able to sleep in longer. Waking up in less in the night must be a good thing, and naturally sleeping in longer I guess could work both ways.  I'm still yet to get tired before 12 which is the main aim and will need to think about ways to achieve this.

The other symtpom which actually changed a few months ago is the food, stomach, potential blood sugar problem. To sum it up, after I eat my stomach has that emptiness feeling soon after, from 1 hour onwards. I don't feel hungry in the sense I want to eat and I don't think my blood sugar is at fault. Even the most severe hypoglycemics I doubt would drop after 1 hour after a low gi meal.

 Adjusting the dose of digestive enzymes hasn't really helped. I'm also wondering if is an interaction between one of the supplements I'm taking, perhaps a paradoxical reaction to the chromium. I don't of course have any scientific reason to back up this chain of thought 

Anywho I'll be getting some blood sugar strips soon so I plan to measure my blood sugar over the day to see if anything abnormal occurs. Other than that I'll keep ploughing on and continue to look for possible causes.