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Get smart on a personal treatment plan

Dear All,

I've made the statement that ALL persons who are chemically sensitive should eradicate candida and balance intestinal flora with probiotics. 

Dr. James Brodsky, in The Yeast Connection, 3rd edition Preface, says that we are allergic to candida. 

You can get allergy immunotherapy shots to treat the candida allergy, but, for chemically sensitive persons, unless we eradicate candida and balance intestinal flora, any shots are pointless. You're spitting in the wind. 

Create a timetable of treatment and find a willing physician to follow you on the following:

1. Change your diet. At this site you will find helpful diet and nutritional supplement information; Any further sources of information on this are appreciated

2. I'm not an expert on this (yet), but I've been advised by medical professionals to pH balance between 6.5 and 7.0. 

3. If constipation or irregularity is an issue, change it. Easier said than done, but you must have a fast transit elimination time and not retain any toxic material as the yeast dies off. 

4. Compounded Nystatin - read the Yeast connection for motivation and dosing. You will develop instincts in treating yourself that are effective for you. Nystatin stays in the gut and will hit your gunked up intestines hard.
eat well and get ready for die off.

5. has information about how to quicken die-off reactions. I've found Vitamin C, cracked-cell wall Chlorella, lots of good water and smart eating to be essential. The website has more. Again, any of your experiences with quickening die-off reactions are welcome.

6. Dentistry - a world unto itself, for sure, but essential in healing - candida overgrowth begins in the gut and the mouth is the first part of digestion. Any festering problems or amalgam toxicity will create a constant die-off situation if you start using Nystatin or any other antifungal. I believe I've had candida overgrowth in my gums, in root canals ( now removed), under old amalgam fillings and in extraction sites. I am currently a dental patient of Dr. Eugene Sambataro and am spending the summer re-doing my mouth. I found Dr. Sambataro finally after walking away from four other dentists whose practices did not meet my standard. It was an intense search and has paid off more than i could have imagined. The jury is still out on amalgam toxicity, I know, but, for us, there is no choice - get the amalgams out and get the right dentist. I believe that having full metal jacket braces during four years in high school stressed out my entire body balancing so severely that candida went ballistic in my system - that was in 1970. I've had a lifetime of candida overgrowth.

7. Can you de-stress? It's hardly possible for those of us in dire toxic situations to figure out a way to de-stress. Look for an hour a day to start. Comment are welcome. 

8. DETOX - this is necessary as yeast eradication causes an abundant release of mycotoxins into every part of your healing body - exercise, get aerobic, walk, eat less, drink water, listen to music, write a blog. Comments are welcome.

9. Antifungal medication - the azoles. These are tricky. Once you start, don't stop or two things will happen: 
REBLOOM and RESISTANCE. Mold is wicked in its ability to grow, mutate and become resistant to azole drugs especially. Besides, you only want to take what is necessary as the liver is compromised. Get a liver panel before
taking azole drugs to determine if you are able to safely do it and then monthly afterwards. Resistance to itraconazole happened to me after three years of spotty dosing and taking too little of it. This can happen with any azole drugs. 

10. PROBIOTICS - a daily requirement. Many of us cannot have dairy, thus eliminating yogurt as a probiotic. Dr. Brodsky recently prescribed XYMOGEN GI Protect and XYMOGEN Probio Defense. Your suggestions are welcome.

11. I've heard that candida eradication takes one month of treatment for every year you've been sick. That's a committment. I think I'll go for a bike ride!

have a clear day!