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Grumble day


Well I’ve allowed myself a little grumble today.

My positivity and calmness have been tested today both with uncomfortable symptoms of a constant stomach ache which I believe to be an ulcer, and liver ache worse than usual. I’m not sure whether this is the fallout from using Threelac or the result of adding a few more supplements and foods to my regime.

Despite probably eating enough fiber from vegetables alone, I have added both oat bran and rice bran to my diet, adding to the cellulose powder I already take. Prior to this my diet was predominantly grain free and although my bowel movements are regular, they are a poor consistency or often pale.

The odd thing is despite my liver feeling worse and generally feeling a little stuffy in the head, my 3 bowel movements today were a much better colour and consistency. Maybe it is a mini detox reaction, and perhaps the additional insoluble fiber is helping the consistency, however I can’t think what might have prompted a darker browner colour. Perhaps it was due to me not eating as many greens yesterday as these tend to add a green tint.

Both oat bran and rice bran supposedly also act as a prebiotic, feeding the flora to get the numbers up. They are also high in B-vitamins, which are good for the adrenals among other things. However, my general tolerance to grains and questionable gluten content remain things to consider.

 Supplements have changed and been added to a little bit. I've replaced my regular cheapo ascorbic acid vitamin C with slightly less cheapo but still quite cheapo ascorbates - derived from magnesium, calcium, zinc and manganese. Apparently this form is gentler on the stomach, although I do still take regular ascorbic. 

Also added one capsule of pantethine, NAC and magnesium. Pantethine I imagine is most likely to be problematic due its potentially stimulating effect on the adrenals. 

Also tried melatonin 3g last night but didn't feel it was helping me drift off.  Will try on an empty stomach tonight isn't of a full. From what I've read each person will have an ideal dose that will work for them and it's a case of finding out what it is. Could be more or could be less.

Over and out.