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Healing Process - Get Simple!!

This, from a comprehensive candida healing website:

The candida diet, supplements and other treatments recommended will do a good job of increasing digestion, strengthening the walls of the intestines (mostly with good saturated fats), increasing good motility of the intestines, cleansing the liver, adrenals and gall bladder, increasing kidney function, etc. and will cleanse any area that requires it, even chelating out (getting rid of) heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and aluminum, etc."




My personal experience in attempting to eradicate candida for the last six months is: you can't just rely on medications or sporadic candida diet - it's a lifestyle change. There is so much spotty information out there about diet that it seems to adds to the muddle of attempts. Perhaps finding a single source will simplify the healing process and give you (me) an immediate archive of information instead of endlessly searching on the internet for bits of disorganized information. seems to be a good single source.

I welcome your comments and suggestions.