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Heavy Metal Toxins

We must change our body’s internal environment, so that it’s not the perfect home for microbes. Heavy metals are hugely responsible for weakening our immune system and setting us up for chronic and repeated infections.

A significant portion of my book, Beating Lyme Disease: Living the Good Life in Spite of Lyme, discusses the methods and means to extensive detoxification protocols.

What are Heavy Metals?

The term ‘heavy metals’ refers to the over-accumulation of many different types of metals in the fat cells, central nervous system (brain, brainstem, spinal cord), bones, glands or hair. Heavy metals may include mercury, iron, lead cadmium, palladium, platinum, arsenic and nickel, to name a few.Heavy Metal Toxins

Common Sources of Heavy Metals

1.  Dental amalgam fillings

2. Cosmetics and antiperspirants with an aluminum base, and mineral powders containing bismuth.

3.  Vaccinations containing mercury or aluminum that are injected into your bloodstream.

4.  Use of conventional household cleaning products, insecticides and herbicides.

5.  Foods that have absorbed toxins from crop spraying, or from cookware made of aluminum, stainless steel or non-stick surface pans.

6.  Drinking tap water

Like so many others of my generation I had old Sliver (Mercury) amalgam fillings in some of my teeth since childhood.  Once I became a doctor practicing Biological Medicine I went on a quest to restore my body, not just the body's of my patients.

Although the amalgams were serving their purpose, I knew in an ideal world we would not have any metallic fillings in our teeth, but use materials that matched as closely as possible the natural teeth. Click to find a dentist that practices biological dentistry.

As I have told patients for years, "It is like what Sherlock Holmes said, 'Whenever you have eliminated everything else, whatever is left must be it!"  So when you have done everything you know to get well and still are not, then it just may be coming from poisonous metals in your teeth.






The Effect of Heavy Metal Toxins

Heavy metals are one of the primary causes of low body temperature and immune system depression. Many microbes cannot be brought back under control until the heavy metals have been removed from the body. High and low-level infections can be ongoing for decade in spit of high dose antibiotics and intravenous antimicrobials when heavy metals are present. Heavy metals promote the over-acidic, low oxygen, low temperature environment which microbes thrive in.

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The toxic effects of mercury spread across a broad spectrum of environmental illnesses and diseases including autism, Lyme disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, muscular sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, candida, neurodevelopmental diseases, nephrotoxicity, cancer, allergies, heart disease and multiple chemical sensitivitiesand multiple chemical sensitivities.

Did you know that you cannot simply take supplements and laxatives to eliminate all of the toxins? You must be guided through a total body protocol to truly achieve detoxification. In my book, Beating Lyme Disease, I dedicated several sections cleansing your body of toxins using therapies, treatments, supplements, products, baths, and dietary changes. Heavy metal detoxification is a long process, and a continued effort through lifestyle changes.  Daily use of a dry heat sauna is an integral part of the process, and I use and recommend HighTech Far-Infarred Saunas. Oral chelation using BCI Beyond Chelation from Longevity Plus is an additional powerhouse of a supplement that is combined with NeuroAntitox II formulas - both available from our website.

Fifty percent of the health restoration every Lyme sufferer is looking for will come from effectively eliminating toxins and reducing the sources of the toxins (ie. bacteria and toxic lifestyle products). The other fifty percent of healing will revolve around restoring structure, function, and optimal coherence within the body, mind and spirit. So remember, if you keep doing what you have always done, then you will keep on getting the same results.

We cannot continue putting toxic products in or on our bodies and expect to not get sick.

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