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Hi, I'm clearday

Dear All,

We face severe problems and incredible challenges. Matt and I exchanged several emails and he encouraged me to journal mine. I think I can help myself and others by doing so, as everyday I seek a way to heal. 

Firstly, many congratulations to matt for bringing us all  together in this much needed forum. Matt, I hope your work here helps you heal.

This is my first journal entry - please comment as you'd like. Or, just read. i hope it will be worthwhile for you.

I have had intestinal candida overgrowth all of my life. When I was 12, i remember my mother surveying my out- of - control acne and saying, 'What's different about you?". We had no way of knowing.

By the time it was important to look good in a bathing suit, I couldn't wear one for all the acne and ugly fungy toenails that I did everything to hide.

Fact: Yeast overgrowth starts in the womb - the fetus shares intestinal flora with the mother. 

All of my family has it. My mother and the entire family self-medicate the candida by-product acetaldehyde toxicity with alcohol. Mom committed suicide at age 33. I fell into chemical sensitivity at age 50. My brother and sister are alcoholics and long ago abandoned me. 

I'm 55 now, and I'm figuring it out. I have help - after frustrating or being frustrated by many doctors, including some fairly famous ones, I now have an excellent team. They are accepting Medicare payments, so, other than the incredible dentistry, all that I will describe to you is covered by Medicare and supplemental assistance to pay deductibles and copays. 

I will talk about candida overgrowth and how it has affected my life. Mostly, though, I want to tell you how I'm solving it - maybe it will help you.

best to all,