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hi so i'm new here at EIR though i have been to this website doing research ;)

ok so about me:

i'm 22 years old (just turned  decembre 26th ;P) and i love Art! my profile picture is my own work and my gallery is at (+1 for self promotion hahaha). i live with my twin sister and our two cats Mokona(Moko for short) and Kiki :)in an apartment in Ontario Canada in a very polluted city.

I have been sensitive to perfumes for most of my life.  i first noticed when i was in highschool and the axe deodorant came out and i got such horrible headaches!. i apparently have had headaches my whole life according to my mom. recently(in the last year) i've been having most all the other symptoms of MCS. i haven't been diagnosed with it but i'm still waiting to get the questionnaire to possibly go to see someone who can help me with it..

just today i went to an occupational health clinic and this lady was so much more helpful then the allergist i went to who basicly told me there was no such thing. she told me that  chemicals you cna be either allergic to it or that it's an irritant.. thank you!! my family doctor and the allergist didn't even think or know jack squat about problems with chemicals.. just that the allergist sent me to this occupational health clinic because most of my problems happen at work(and pretty much escalated in this past year when i started my job in retail).

i'm still waiting on the papers from the womens college hospital to see about going there. but in the mean time i get to go do a more extensive breathing test. somehting to do with breathing in histamines and seeing if it's me reacting to my own histamines that's giving me the breathing problems and chest pains least i'm getting somewhere!!

anyways i'm hoping for the best and for positive results this year!

i wish everyone the best of luck in their own journey this year

<3 Rachelle