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Initial Blog - Allergies

I am hoping to get some feedback that will help me.  I do have 5 dogs that are house dogs.  They are all rescue dogs and I live in a very hot climate.  I can't put my dogs outside when the temp. is in the 90's or 100's.  

I have been reading about the allergy problems that can come from dogs being in the house.  I have also found some very good information for dealing with it, such as -- 

no carpet

no cloth curtains

use a dehumidifier

use a hepa air filtration system

With this in mind, I think I will go ahead and pull up the old carpet in the bedrooms.  I have already eliminated the carpet in most of the house replacing it with wood or tile.

You would never believe what is under that carpet when you pull it up.  Might as well be living in a hut with dirt floors.

Oh Well, I guess that is all that I will address tonight.  I am very tired.  Will try once again to go to sleep.  it is 4:49am here and I have not gone to sleep yet.  Have a Dr. Apt. today at 11:30 with a nutritionist.  I have gained 100 lbs. in the last 5 or 6 years since being on all this medication and too exhausted to exercise.