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Letter to the Endocrinologist

Dr Doctor Hosker

If there was any way I could prevent another person from going through what I did, I would do everything in my power to stop it!

Potentially thousands of people are walking around feeling miserable when I know you can feel so much better. I am not going to get into all the details because I am sure you will do the due diligence should this topic interest you. I know you address a lot of issues that affect women specifically. Exploring thyroid disease should be at the top of your list. It is the reason that many women are overweight and depressed or having trouble conceiving. It is the reason why many women who are diagnosed with menopausal symptoms do not respond to hormone or other treatments. Menopause is not their only problem.

I feel that if I had not taken the time, or had the wherewithal to continue in my quest for good health, then I may have never felt well again and would probably be suicidal by now! I went repeatedly to my doctors even though they kept putting me off. That makes me wonder how many people, live with this disease long-term without the correct medical care. Unfortunately I fear taking T4 only puts you at risk for many much more serious problems, and I am led to question how many people actually die from thyroid related illness?

I feel absolutely fantastic, and feel that you and my ex doctors are doing the female population a great injustice. Armour is not dangerous, you have no evidence against it, I know because I have tried my hardest to find something, I seriously thought I might discover something dreadful because of yourself and my ex doctor's reluctance to prescribe it, but came up with absolutely nothing, there was no way I was going to take something that I had not thoroughly researched!

I believe that many women are suffering unnecessarily and I am trying to draw your attention to this matter, I have to wonder why are you not listening Dr Hosker, I understand that you probably have more requests than you can even consider, but I am still pleading with you to give this some attention. Before I had thyroid disease I did not even know what my thyroid gland did. Now I know it regulates your whole body and without a healthy functioning gland it can turn your life upside down.

You have still not explained to me why you persist in promoting T4 only. May I ask are you getting any financial reward, or do you have some sort of vested interest in ensuring higher rates of infertility, recurrent miscarriage, obesity, high cholesterol and heart disease etc, etc, by denying thyroid patients proper thyroid diagnosis and treatment?

I do not want to fight the system I just want it to work. I pay my taxes and I expect more for my money than the poor excuse for medical care I have received so far.

May I thank you for your consideration and hope that you can restore my faith the Nhs.

Yours Sincerely,