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Mineral analysis results


 I have had the results of mineral analysis.  I have yet to have nutrioninst follow up this will be Friday.

 Initial results low

Mg. K(None), Cu, Mn  and probably zinc.

"probably zinc?" Not very scietific I know but Its in my shampoo so therefore accurate measurements cannot be taken.

I am a slow metaboliser.

I have had the dietry restriction of a slow metaboliser for 18 months or so other factors have to be involved.

I will speak to my GP to see if they show any interest in these test of following them up.

 The detox diet has made a huge difference to my day to day well being and generally on the up (excluding chemical exposure) but have just been knocked sideways by a huge bout of depression following mineral supplement and very small chemical exposure over the last 2-3 days. Sensitivities are back to where they were 6 months ago but they chemicals seem to go straight to my brain and organs and muscles . . . .has anyone felt like this?

 Can magnesium cause depression?Lets just hope this is temporary

 Still "hanging on there" as Maff would say. . but its a struggle, I wont lie somedays I do just want to give up.

 Maff thanks fo yuur list of recommended supplements ive printed them out ill have a chat with my nutritionist.