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More intolerances


It looks like I have more food allergies going on, to accompany a slowly declining state of health. I'm certain chronically high insuling levels are really causing me some problems, along with the intolerances.

So, I'm stood at a crossroads with about 5 routes to choose from!

- I've done all that I can to control hypogylcemia over the past year yet still feel insulin is high and blood sugar continues to drop regardless what i eat.

- I've been taking all the nutrients and lifestyle tip suggestions for adrenal fatigue, and not noticed the slightest bit of improvement over the past few months. I still think this is a factor as occasionally when my blood sugar is low and I wait it out a bit, it begins to stabilise, suggesting an adrenalin response. If I had the money to, I would approach Dr Lam with my case.

- Liver and digestion has been really poor recently. I felt I was making progress when I got into a routine of 2 BM's a day but constipation has reared its ugly head again. Liver is aching significantly, either as a result or as the cause.

A couple of stressfull weeks at work may have jolted me off course. I can't see that much else has changed to cause the decline. 

So I'm off all supplements for the time being, except enzymes in a bit to work out what I'm intolerant to. I'm also switching to a 4 day rotation diet, but hardly have enough foods to achieve the rotation. I'm short on protein fat options, due to being intolerant to all nuts and eggs. I suspect I may have developed an intolerance to sunflower seeds as well leaving me with only hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds.

So I'm pissed off, which is unusual these days as I try to intercept negetive feelings as soon as they arrise. My investigative options are dependent on money that I don't have and each and every day I'm loosing the energy to perform my job effectively. Money isn't the be all and end all, but for chronically ill people it can make a significant difference to either getting more testing or surviving without or with a lower income.

Supplement wise I have a huge range, most of which I don't feel confident about taking until the intolerance has been discovered. I've ordered some glycerin and will take a little L-Glutamine to try and ease the cravings. I'll have to build up slowly from scratch after this latest knock.

Grrr why do things have to be so darn tricky!