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My Cocoa emergency


Continuing the theme of a fairly rocky few weeks, last night culminated in an extremely distressing situation. 

Cocoa is an interesting food. Some people sware by its antioxidant and magnesium rich properties whereas others report shot adrenals,  stimulation and a general worsening of energy levels and symptoms.

Broadly speaking its a significant step in the right direction when compared to your average western chocolate bar, which is mainly made up sugar, fat and cheap fillers. Proper chocolate is predominantly cocoa mass and cocoa butter, and some sugar depending on the percentage. It's simple logic regarding healthier foods - The fewer, purer ingredients it contains, the better it generally is for your body.

So I decided to experiment with a reasonable amount of cocoa, making sure to balance the intake with other protein and veg. The good news initially was it didn't taste addictive, or seem to swing my blood sugar.....

.....however, about 4-5 hours later I began to feel like blood was being drained from my limbs and brain and my breathing become more difficult and laboured. I still felt full and my blood sugar checked out normal so I started to panic. I began to shake violently and started getting very confused, worsening as time went on. So for the first time in my life I called 999 and had a paramedic come over to check me over. Fortunately it was a local paramedic and not an ambulance (or chopper!)  which I would've felt hugely embarrassed about.

He checked my vitals and everything checked out normal, blood sugar, pulse, chest, blood pressure, pupils etc, suggesting it was an anxiety attack of some form. Within the half an hour or so that he was round I did actually start to calm down, with the whole episode lasting about an hour or so at it's worst.  

So moral of the story is, stay away from cocoa for the time being. Whilst I would recommend it to those in good health perhaps looking to either wean from mass market chocolate or have the occasional small amount, the stimulatory effect is too significant for someone with chronic illness like myself. 

You live and you learn.