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My mind at rest and you don't need a prescription!

Dear Denise,

Thank you for your email. Both Dr. Lowe and I appreciate your concern for
the protection of desiccated thyroid. Dr. Lowe has been in touch with RLC
Labs to discuss this and as of yet, RLC has not received any notice that
they will be required to fill out a new application. The reason for their
particular unavailable product is that the raw material is on back-order
not because of the FDA.

The back up product that might help you if you run out of your thyroid
hormone would be to consider the HYPO SUPPORT FORMULA. Dr. Lowe was asked
by RLC to research it and he conducted clinical trials to determine that
it is effective in relieving hypo symptoms. The HSF does not require a
prescription as it is considered a "dietary" desiccated thyroid product
and protected by the 1994 dietary supplement act. You can read about it
at the following link:

If you want to consider a telephone consultation with Dr. Lowe to discuss
this issue, please review the agreement form that I have attached below.

Rest assured, Denise, that Dr. Lowe will do everything that he can to
protect the desiccated thyroid hormone that he knows to be valuable to
many people who suffer from hypothyroidism.


Tammy Lowe