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New article added on the possible reasons why a GFCF diet might work for autism

A quick update:

ESPA Research announces the publication of a new article in the peer-reviewed journal Autism Insights titled: How could a gluten- and casein-free diet ameliorate symptoms associated with autism spectrum conditions?

The article is open-access and free to download for non-commercial purposes via the ESPA Research or publishers website (Libertas Academica).

Building on the various pieces of research attempting to determine how such dietary intervention may work in some cases of autism spectrum conditions, the authors detail the various evidence for a direct or co-morbid link between autism and (i) gluten sensitive enteropathy or coeliac disease, (ii) allergy and atopic disease, and (iii) hyperpermeability of the gastrointestinal membrane (leaky gut) and passage of biologically active material to the central nervous system.

Many thanks

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