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New year, new focus

As another year draws to a close I’m strangely looking forward to the year ahead.


Last year for me was mainly spent acquiring knowledge and bumbling a little bit as I got to grips with my health problems. I laid allot of foundations, but at times had a hard time executing them, whether it’s a dietary and supplement plan, regular meditation or sticking to Spanish revision. That said I’ve learned allot about myself, about the deception of food and pharmaceutical companies and good all round green living. I feel empowered to use natural, raw, organic foods and products that are closer to what nature intended and of more benefit to the suppliers. Whilst never being a ‘crusader’, my own experience has left me eventually wanting to help others when in a fit and able state to do so. The success stories of people within these communities acts as inspiration that almost anyone has the power to recover their health, however long it takes and whatever the odds.


Naturally my health is the number one concern, but I felt that I may have been over thinking it at times last year, not allowing for any advice or program time to work. This sucks energy from other areas such as pursuing other personal interests.


This year I hope to dream a little less, with a little more action. Besides my health I’ve set some ambitious goals that include taking a Biology A-level, continuing with weekly Spanish tuition and getting on holiday twice. Personal self development is also high on this list with a view to being calmer, more relaxed, more sociable, less ‘busy’ mentally and less reliant on screen stimulants such as TV and computers. Quite an ambitious New Year’s resolution, but achievable I think. I’m not planning to climb any mountains or in any way revert back to the stressors of old ways. Patience is also going to be key as well as continual sources of motivation that will keep the fire burning bright.


Fighting words.


Here’s to a prosperous 2010.