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Overdue update - and referal

Its been a while since my last entry. I had nothing to report except various chemical exposures before christmas which wiped out 9 days of my life and another four pounds off my already pathetic 7st 10lb frame.  I think I qualify as size zero Uk size 6. I eat 3 meals a day when I am not ill (on those days I dont not even get out of bed) have been known to tuck into a whole bag of kettle chips! . I am just wiped out by chemicals in everything I cant afford organic everything so am at risk at every meal from potential toxic injury. I am free of dairy and gluten to free my body of further toxic overload and cant tolerate any food additives or preservatives.

Well my Christmas money has been invested in supplements which I started taking  3 weeks ago. I am supposed to take 2 L Glutathione complex tablets and 300mg of magnesium citrate a day. I am up to 150mg of magnesium citrate a day and had to reduce the L-Glutathione complex to one as they gave me mild pain in my kidney (anyone familair with this side effect?). Increase again in 3 weeks. This according the the doctor at Acumen may reduce my sensitivities.

 I cant say I have noticed any changes but that not surprising 2-4  months is an indicator (that maybe longer due to reduced doseage)

I am not sure if this is relevant but I spent 48 hours without MCS symptoms and that was when I completely detoxed cold turkey from all dairy. Yes I have had a cold and yes the sensitivites are dampended but the reactions still continued. Strange I know,  and on that basis I am convinced there is a personal cure out there somewhere.

Most importantly I have won my battle for referal to Guys Toxicology Unit. This has been a 12 month battle which has been personally and economically exhaustive. Getting this far has meant for me and my estranged partner journeys of over 1000 miles and hundreds of pounds to get this far.  I am relieved that they are taking my case seriously (surely thay cant say I its phsychosamatic aswell as the majority of other unhelpful members of the medical fraternity).

All I would say is persevere with your PCT, my symptoms were brought about in the work place.  Ask to see occupational respiratory consultant go to everyone you can and yes I know this is extremely difficult the lengths I have to go to are extreme and costly and made me extremely sick. Write to your local MP tell him how things are for you, and keep telling him. 

Take all offers of help from your friends and family and  I have learnt not to be shy, without them I would probably be dead. I used to hate asking for help but I do whenever I cant cope for myself. 

The next challenge is how to get to London and survive! A double honeycomb mask minimum me thinks, a chemically free driver ( I know I will not be well enough to drive following any hospital exposure) who can take the time off work and be in the waiting room for me to lessen exposure to alcohol hand gel and the perfumes of other patients and staff. If I am really lucky I might be able to get the consultant to interview me outside. I could at least try.Its not easy and hopefully I can find a willing volunteer out of my shortlist of two. 

 Its not easy keeping our chins up and remain positive, as my OU tutor said to me recently. . .are you bullet proof??? I am not sure what she meant,  but I have taken it as a positive though. The funny thing is I could probably survive a bullet under the right circumstances. I wouldn't last 30 seconds in a Lenor factory!

Best Wishes