Greetings.  My name is Murray Thompson.  My son and I are victims of callous pesticide poisoning.  We have both been acutely and long-term exposed to termite pesticide solvent vapours in our public housing residence in North-West Sydney.  Although I had explicitly warned the Department of Housing (DOH) about my asthmatic chemical sensitivity on multiple occasions, two pesticide treatments were forced upon me resulting in a kaleidoscope of unusual symptoms.  Essentially, I have MCS, depression and a host of physical ailments.  My now 18 year old son is 115kg of pure rage and paranoia, although very controlled (substitute: repressed) and this to his considerable credit.

My legal case against the New South Wales Department of Housing will go to trial soon in November 2010 at the New South Wales Supreme Court in Sydney (the file number of my case is 2003/00091442 and the hearing is listed for 15/11/10 in the Supreme Court, Civil List [unfortunately you cannot see a listing months in advance]). Come to my trial & find out: HOW EASY IT IS FOR YOU TO BE POISONED (& HOW I WAS POISONED BY A NORMAL TERMITE TREATMENT), and exactly WHAT THE SYMPTOMS OF PESTICIDE POISONING ARE!  Tell your friends in public housing in Sydney about this trial, & ask them if they became sick any time after their housing residence was treated with pesticides.  THERE WILL BE MYSPACE, FACEBOOK AND TWITTER UPDATES THROUGHOUT THE TRIAL!

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