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Sensitivity has increased

I just wanted to pinch and punch someone this morning. . .sometimes its  just the little things like the loneliness of this disease can get to y0u. . .or was it my vicious streak! . .anyway...

Today was my first accidental chemical exposure under the new regime, as I had to go to social services as they would not come to me. However when seeing my reaction even through a mask after a few minutes ( This as much quicker and severe than usual ie tha past 2 months) . . .its was extremely fragrant body lotion as it turns out,  I was sent home and allowed to conduct the interview over the phone. . . ( with lots of apologies,-).

 Anyway can honestly say the symptoms were just different not any better,  my breathing difficulties and dizziness were lessened but  I had muscle spasms in my face head and neck and my cognitive skills went haywire, i had difficulty recalling even the simplest of things like the date and writing. . !!!  extremely spaced out and stuffy head  and muscle in my back and legs were stiff and ached,  and absolutlely wacked so last three hours have been asleep.. . .These may be familiar to some but some of these are a new and always an unwelcome set of symptoms for me. Four hours later I still have most of the symptoms without the tiredness.

Anyway I am  keeping to the detox diet. .with a no pain no gain attitude. . and have ordered through my therapist a mineral support in liquid form, a digestive enzyme support and a permeability support. 

 Experimenting with chickpeas later which could end up er . . in the bin, your are talking to someone how would buy this kind of stuff from the deli counter. .. . .in my old life