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SPECT Scan of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Patient Brain

Hi everyone, my name is Jason and I am a multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) sufferer. Like anyone who has MCS I have had a hard time convincing anyone (friends, family, doctors) that I am actually sick. Recently I managed to get a SPECT scan of my brain carried out which has given me visible proof that I am actually sick. I thought many of you here would be interested to see the scans so wanted to post this blog. 

Just so you understand the scan more clearly- it is the scan and function of 'my' brain overlapping the 'Normal' healthy functioning image of an adult brain.  I try to point out the graphing system used on the side with my finger.  If my scan was functioning within the normal range there wouldn't be any color deviation away from the color 'gray'.  Where it is gray colored is where my brain's functioning (cerebral blood flow) is within the normal range expected.  However where it is any other color but gray is where the function of my brain is outside what has been deemed healthy and normal.  As you can see what prompted a diagnosis of a 'Neuroimmunological' process is due to the fact that in many places the function and blood flow of my brain is far below average.  Showing signs of inflammation possibly caused by a virus, toxic exposure, lack of oxygen, or all the above.  I've had varying degrees of difficulty my whole life- but it became disabiling after I got a bad virus in 2002.  I'm on disability now.  My ability to handle certain foods, chemicals, fumes, pollution, etc., is extremely low now.

Apologies for the poor image quality (they were done with a camera phone) but here are the images of my scans:


1. The SPECT Images


SPECT Scan of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Patient Brain



2. Findings - 'Probable Diffuse Neuronal Injury/Dysfunction'




3. Recommendations