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Steady week


I've had a reasonably steady week this week which bodes well. I did have some stressfull moments at work but managed to absorb it pretty well.

 Supplements are going quite steady. My liver is much improved and bowel movements are okay, alot more solid. This might have been helped by the tribulus, vitamin C, molybdenum and NAC and/or keeping the diet tight and not overdoing any antifungals.

Made a mistake last weekend of twice assuming tonic water would be a good beverage. Looked up the ingredients and the contents included none other than corn syrup high fructose, sugar, sodium benzoate and citric acid.  Unbeknownst to me I ate a snack with a reasonable amount of coconut oil later that night and struggled to get any sleep, possibly due to a reaction with the sugar. 

I also had an appointment with an endocrinologist which raises an interesting dilemma.  She recommended a GTT test, which while I would be very interested in the results, the test will be a stress on the adrenals,  as well as feeding the candida. 

Have a relatively busy week next week that includes Tai Chi, a guitar lesson and my first spanish lesson.  Still looking to break the 11pm barrier for getting to sleep, which has been a little better recently. I'm now able to sleep in until 9.30 on the weekends (still with a couple of wakeups) so that is the next medium term target.