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Stomach ulcer and Christmas hangover.

Going through a particularly tough time at the moment which could be due to a number of things.
I unfortunately ended up binging on Christmas day, feasting on fruits, starches, stuffing, turkey glazed in who knows what, a bit of chocolate and lots of cashews. I was also constipated on the day itself, which wasn’t very pleasant and have had trouble with regular BM’s for a while now.

I’m once again struggling with sleep, often only getting a few hours when I’m most backed up. This tends to ramp up the brain fog and anxiety.

I suspect this could all be a prolonged hangover from indulging in too many treats at Christmas. Not much else has changed in my routine. I’ve also picked up what I believe to be a stomach ulcer, as it aches most when I don’t have food in the stomach. To address this I’ve decided to try cabbage juice twice a day with some added greens, and slippery elm tea to help soothe the stomach. Also read that mastic gum, marshmallow root, chamomile, liquorice and a few other things can help lower stomach acid, although it’s sensible not to too try too many approaches. The added stress on my body from the Christmas slip up and lack of sleep is not likely to be helping.
So just getting through things at the moment. Regular, consistent bowel movements I feel are the key to helping my routine.

Ploughing on.