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Successful Hypothyroidism Treatment with Armour Thyroid

A friend of mine forwarded me this site as I don't have the internet at home and don't have much time to explore at work, I have been fighting my right to health for over two years!

Although I had almost every single symptom and a family history of hypothyroidism my doctors wouldn't treat me until I reached '10' [for TSH] on their stupid scale. I put on 3 stone, had symptoms too numerous to mention and thought I was going crazy! On the 2nd September 2008, I final reached this goal, then and only then did she Say "You will be glad to know we can treat you now." I was angry, disgusted and seething but took my T4 gladly at first, they made me very ill while I took them for seven months, until I'd really had enough of all the debilitating symptoms.

Still gaining weight and very few if any symptoms less, I obtained Armour off the internet, what wonderful stuff after just 15 days I can feel me coming back. How strange that the endocrinologist said I would have a placebo effect. I never felt well not even for one day on the other stuff.  What a fantastic placebo that makes my hair shine, gives me energy,makes my face spot free and most importantly brings a smile to my face. The only symptoms I have left are shortness of breath sometimes and occasional tiredness, it's great but my useless doctors, all 5 of them, say they will not test my bloods if I continue on this dangerous route. Only things dangerous I can see are staying on synthetic rubbish that does nothing but make you feel worse, and of course most dangerous of all, having such unhelpful doctors.

I am taking  a 1.5  Armour tablet per day, I feel wonderful and want to stay that way. It would be great if I could find a doctor to prescribe Armour for me rather than buying from the internet. If anyone can suggest such a doctor near Doncaster, England, that would be a great help, thanks.