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The harsh reality

Trying not to let me anger and frustration overflow too much, however I was given a stark reminder into the orthodox view of sub clinical chronic illnesses by my GP.

As I have been experiencing more digestive related symptoms of late, including abdominal/stomach ache, pop bellied feeling, occasional nausea, flatulence, gas, bloating, loose stools, stomach burning and constipation, I decided to approach my GP for a general rendezvous, and perhaps the option of doing a H Pylori breath test.

 Almost immediately I was ‘diagnosed’ as having IBS, then told my physical symptoms were a manifestation of my mental state, then told to take up yoga, rounded off nicely with the comment ‘M.E is a disease of despair’.
So not only was I denied a simple test, but I was hit hard with some ignorant orthodox views. I left mildly flustered to say the least.

 I’m trying to look at this symptom set rationally, with the following scenarios....

IBS as a result of adrenal fatigue – Definitely likely. Not experiencing much relief from AF supplements alone. In fact these symptoms, especially constipation can further weaken the adrenals and if absorption is a problem, adrenal supplements may not be affective.      
Stomach ulcer – Quite possible again. I occasionally get burning after meals (often in the eve) and experienced burning from taking a single HCL capsule. Not quite sure whether the full range of symptoms can be attributed to this.

H Pylori – A potential cause of the above

Candida – Again likely. I had a colonic a week ago and didn’t experience any lasting relief. Hard to gauge whether problems are occurring before or in the gut.

Acid Reflux – None of the symptoms appear to be any higher up than my belly button. This is where the burning and abdominal aches are occurring.

Hiatus hernia – Again would probably rule this out similar to above.
Sluggish liver – Feels burdened at the moment, but I assume is not directly related to
Food allergies – I already have a supremely restricted and hypoallergenic diet. If it is anyway it will be something obscure like kale or spinach! Unlikely I suspect. Trying a 4 day constant diet to see if things change.

Current approaches.....

General digestion and stomach – zinc, B vitamins

H pylori – Mastic gum – 2g a day

Ulcer – Licorice root (for the adrenals as well) – ½ a teaspoon in the morning, slippery elm – 1 teaspoon in a gruel once a day.

Candida – Haven’t really started yet due to shot adrenals and a sluggish liver. Was hoping for some improvement in other areas however that day may not come! I have florastor in the cupboard and may try some probiotics/kefir.

Liver – LivaTone plus - Predominantly milk thistle. Pantethine 900mg.

Not getting flustered, depressed!

I really should do some testing as well but I have no cash.
I’m now more determined than ever to prove my GP wrong and get well.