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The Loneliness of the long distance Hypothyroid Butterfly


Well it all began, what seems like an eternity ago, we had just come back from the most wonderful holiday, I was oh so much in love. I had to pinch myself I was so happy!

He loves running so I thought I'd join him, but I couldn't keep up, it was like my fuel tank was empty, I knew something was wrong!

All my life I've been what can only be described as hyper, I never could sit down, was forever hungry and never put on an ounce. It hit me like a ton of bricks, if I'd been a horse they would have shot me, put me out of my misery! Can you imagine the worst flu you have ever had, well times this by two and you might still not feel as bad as I was feeling! I put on three stone and I was starving myself, couldn't remember what I was doing five minutes ago and fell to sleep at the drop of a hat!

 I dragged myself into work and I ended my relationship, after all if I didn't want me why should he? I fought the Doctors tooth and nail but it was pointless it all fell on deaf ears.  The best thing about this illness is you just don't worry about the small things any more, things that were once so very much important pale into insignificance. The worst is that people look at you as though you're an hypochondriac, for on the outside there is little to see, just a fat, lazy blob, only I wasn't I was pushing my body to the limit and fighting myself inside, when I looked into the mirror I could hardly recognise myself!

When my son found this site on the web, I did my research and I am feeling oh so much better. It's like a cloud as lifted and I can see the blue skies. I walk to work checking out does this hurt any more and the answer is coming back NO! Has the brain fog gone? Yes!

As this year comes to an end all I can say is I am thankful that I got through it. I have learnt so very much that I want to share it. I have read about Thyroid Rehab, is it possible I can get rid of this curse once and for all?

I live in hope, Denise