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The second of many. ..

Well I am very positive after nearly 2 hours with  a nutritionalist and has agreed and identified my toxic overload by a sympton question and answer (no surprises there then)  - but its  some one who understands,  is more than willing to help and gives me access to this all important testing.

 Simple symptom question and answer has identified deficiencies in EFA Vits and Liver function, and Adrenals.

 The first few weeks will be diet based reducing the bodies metabolic  load from caseine and gluten. . .and try and replace some nutrients naturally. In unison with this I will be recommended tests according to priority which we will discuss further on receipt of her report.

 Liver funstion test concerns me as am extremely sensitive to caffeine and paracetamol and so am very wary, so I will  investigate quantities etc in the Genova test and make a decision.

 Still have to get my head around a non quick fix. . .. .so many more blogs to follow and try not to bore myslef!